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The Informer
20th August 2011, 01:57 PM
The new series of Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 has been met with negative reviews by British newspapers.

The former Channel 4 show relaunched on Thursday with the wife of the House of Commons' speaker - Sally Bercow - and Kerry Katona entering the famous house.

The Telegraph's Michael Hogan described the line-up of 10 contestants, as "barrel-scraping".

Adam Sherwin wrote in The Independent that Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond had "failed to lure A-listers".
'Deluded and desperate'


The media mogul, who owns the Daily Star, The Express and OK! magazine, told reporters at Monday's press launch he was hoping to generate huge ratings of at least 20 million viewers.

Unofficial overnight figures will be released later this morning.

There had been reports that US actor Charlie Sheen would be participating in the show, along with Pamela Anderson and retired boxer Mike Tyson.

"After weeks of speculation, there were a few big surprises. Mostly that there were no big stars," Jan Moir wrote in the Daily Mail.

"In a parade of increasingly inappropriate footwear, on trooped the usual torrid brew of former starlets, somebody who was married to somebody who was once a somebody, the deluded and the desperate, the nobodies and the two-headed creature known as Jedward," she added.

Jedward - otherwise known as John and Edward Grimes - became known after appearing on the X Factor. They came sixth in the competition in 2009.

Another reality TV star Amy Childs has also entered the house, along with US actress Tara Reid, model Bobby Sabel, picture agency boss Darryn Lyons and David Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach Hasselhoff.

Waterloo Road actor Lucien Laviscount and Paddy Doherty, who appeared in Channel 4 show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding completed the line-up.

The Guardian live blog, which was reacting to the show as it went out, summarised the programme by calling the housemates a "sorry bunch".

Referring to George Galloway's appearance on the show in 2006, the blogger, however, added: "I'm sure we didn't get very excited about George Galloway back in the day, but he turned out to be comedy gold.

"Surely Jedward have to be an early tip to win? They're the only ones most people will have heard of, which is tragic in itself."
Rumour mill

Mr Hogan commented in his Telegraph article that the word celebrity was often stretched to "breaking point".

He added: "Rumours of famous names had been rife in the build-up, often disseminated by Desmond's own tabloids.

"None came to fruition. The barrel-scraping cast of ten contestants had a definite whiff of last minute pull-outs and parachuted-in reserves.

"The majority are notable only for who they married or for taking part in other reality shows."

New Big Brother presenter Brian Dowling told the BBC earlier this week that Endemol and Channel Five had spent 220m on the programme.

Channel 5 bosses had said they were hopeful the show would boost ratings across the network.

Source: BBC