View Full Version : Rehab For Homosexuals And Lesbians Opened

The Informer
20th August 2011, 01:41 PM
An Accra based man of God is blazing the trail with an innovation which he believes is the antidote to curbing the rapidly emerging trend of homosexuality in the country.

Prophet Dominic Ackah Manlenzie says he has set up what he refers to as a “special solution center for gays and lesbians” at his church to help people who so wish to break the habit.

The founder and General Overseer of Heaven’s Embassy located at SCC junction on the Kasoa-Winneba road, like many other concerned clergy told DAILY GUIDE, homosexuality is the by-product of satanic influence and an abomination to God.

He said to suggest that homosexual tendencies were genetic and therefore natural, is a big mistake. He noted that God created us to be heterosexual in our sexual leanings and desires and that is the more reason why gays and lesbians need divine spiritual intervention to save them from harmful physical and spiritual effects of the practice.


“The truth is that this thing is not from God and I know there are many out there who got themselves entangled in it rather innocently and now want to get out but don’t know how because it has become an addiction very much like smoking or alcoholism. The forces behind homosexuality are powerful so you need a higher power, God’s power to break their hold over the lives of their victims,” Prof Manlenzie said.

The man of God explained the center is manned by himself together with several of his other deliverance ministers and counselors.

“We have had some people referred to us for help through their friends and family and some are now living their lives normally. Some are still in the program. Let me state here that the process to recovery does not always happen at once. It may take days, maybe even weeks or months depending on the individual involved and the unique circumstances and severity of each case. Just like they didn’t hooked on homosexuality in a day, deliverance most likely won’t take place in a day.”

He said after completing the program, participants are counseled to maintain their new healing by keeping a close relationship with God through regular prayer and bible study as well as fellowship with other believers.

They are also cautioned to avoid places and people that could re-trigger their old habits, Prophet Dominic noted saying “when an unclean goes out from a man he will hang around to see whether there are any loopholes he can exploit to gain access into his victim’s life once again (Matt 12:43).

Asked to talk more about the center he said it offers tailor-made prayer, fasting and counseling sessions. He said since he is a prophet, he gives his clients prophetic direction relevant to their situation as well.

“We are careful to take down the client’s family and relationship/sexual history and lead them to Christ if they are not already born again. There is a family, relationship counselor who will talk with them and offer them sound biblical guidance.”

Prophet Manlenzie believes his center will help people get out of homosexuality even if not everyone can be saved. It is not enough to constantly condemn it, he said.

“What pastors, health personnel as well as civil society and government need to do is get on board and actually do something about the problem.”

Source: Nancy Arthur