View Full Version : PHOTO: Woman Sprays Ex-Lover With Acid

The Informer
20th August 2011, 01:38 PM
A 47-YEAR-OLD man is in a critical condition after his ex-girlfriend poured some liquid substance believed to be acid on his face. Henry Yaw Asamoah allegedly suffered this ordeal at the hands of 26-year-old Abigail Frimpong.

The lady is said to have taken that wicked action because the victim could not fulfill promises he made to her when they were lovers about five years ago.

The horrendous incident occurred at the victimís family house near Serwah Kesse SHS in Duayaw Nkwanta in the Brong Ahafo region on August 7, 2011. Mr. Asamoah, a staff of the Quality Control Division, Cocobod, Sunyani, who suffered severe facial wounds, screamed for help after the substance had been poured on him.

Some people in the neighbourhood came to his aid, rushing him to the hospital where he was hospitalized on arrival. Abigail Frimpong, after committing the crime, tried to flee in a taxi but she was not lucky enough, as she was arrested by the people around.


The victim is still responding to treatment at the Sunyani Government Hospital where he was later referred to, whilst Abigail Frimpong is in police grips.

Information gathered by Daily Guide indicates that the two former love birds reportedly broke up and went their separate ways about five years ago. The lady is now married with two children and living in Tema whilst Mr. Asamoah, who is also married, lives in Sunyani.

Abigail Frimpong and Mr. Asamoah still talked to each other on phone despite the fact that they had agreed to bring their relationship to an end.Recently, the suspect called the victim on phone and told him she had bought Sunyani Polytechnic forms and that she was bringing it to him so he would submit it to the school on her behalf.

Later, both Asamoah and Abigail Frimpong decided to meet at the victimís family house at Duayaw Nkwanta so that he could pick the forms as arranged.

Abigail Frimpong, on arrival on that fateful day, met Asamoah and his friend, one Appiah, in a room at the victimís family house. Appiah excused the two former lovers so that they could have their privacy and discuss whatever they wanted to talk about.

A few minutes after Appiah had left the two, Abigail pretended that she was removing the forms from her handbag, only to draw a liquid substance which she instantly poured on the victimís face.

After that devilish act, the suspect rushed to a drinking spot called ĎNakapis Spotí where her male friend was waiting. The operator of the drinking spot overheard Abigail telling her male friend that she had successfully poured the acid on her ex-loverís face as planned.

The drinking spot operator then told Abigail that if she had indeed committed that heinous crime then she would be arrested.

Sensing danger, Abigail and her male friend tried to escape in a taxi but luck eluded the suspect as she was grabbed. Abigailís friend however managed to escape arrest. Mr. Asamoah was then rushed to the Duayaw Nkwanta Hospital where he was treated and later on referred to the Sunyani Government Hospital due to the severity of his injuries.

Abigail was sent to the police station where she reportedly admitted to committing the crime during interrogation.

The suspect was said to have stated that Asamoah did not treat her fairly when they were in a relationship.

Abigail claimed that Asamoah was the first man in her life and that he broke her virginity, and yet he refused to marry her despite making her lofty promises. Again, she claimed that Asamoah promised to help her further her education to the tertiary level but he failed to keep his promise.

According to the suspect, she felt cheated by Asamoah so she decided to teach him a bitter lesson.

Source: I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi