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The Informer
20th August 2011, 01:21 PM
A 42-year-old fetish priest, Abukari Gyan, based at Adadiem, near Sampa in the Jaman North District of the Brong Ahafo Region, who unleashed his libido on five innocent girls, is in the grips of the law.

Abukari Gyan, a native of Bole in the Northern Region, has for the past two years been plying his trade as a fetish priest and a seer at Adadiem in the Sampa area.

He allegedly lured all his victims to his house under the guise of helping them to overcome their spiritual problems but later slept with them.


The Berekum Circuit Court presided over by Justice I.B. Akwantey, on August 5, 2011, sentenced Abukari to 43 years imprisonment’ in hard labour, after he was charged with defilement, rape and indecent assault.

Emmanuel Isaka, Berekum Divisional Crime Officer, told DAILY GUIDE that all the five cases occurred in one month, thus July 2011, with four of the victims being two separate biological sisters.

The victims are Akosua, 14, a pupil of Adadiem Presbyterian School, Abena, 13, also a pupil of Adadiem Presbyterian School, and her sister, Adwoa, 25, unemployed. Others are Hawa, 14, and her sister Mariama, 26, a petty trader.

According to ASP Isaka, the fetish priest saw Vida, who happened to be his first prey, passing after school and told her that it had been revealed to him that she slept too much in class and therefore needed to be delivered.

He said the girl told her parents about it and the mother started visiting the fetish priest so as to find an antidote to the problem. He said the fetish priest prepared some concoction and gave it to her to bathe with. However, he directed the parents to allow the girl to come to his place to bathe with the concoction. In the course of the bathing, the fetish priest pounced on the school girl and defiled her.

ASP Isaka explained that the second victim, Hawa, also a school girl at Sampa, was caught in the web after the fetish priest approached her parents at Adadiem and told them that he had seen something evil about their daughter and if they failed to do something about it, she would be knocked down by a car.

The crime officer said during the vacation, the parents brought Hawa to Adadiem to go through some spiritual cleansing. He said the fetish priest prepared a concoction for the girl to bathe with, and in one of her usual bathing, the seer entered the room and raped her in the process. He said after she had been defiled, the girl developed epilepsy.

The third victim, Akosua, a school pupil, had her turn two weeks after her colleagues had been defiled. The fetish priest saw her parents and told them that some witches were hunting her. The seer asked them to buy two fowls for rituals to save their daughter from a pre-mature death which the parents believed.

Abukari then prepared his concoction and gave it to the parents to bathe their daughter with, and after a few days, he instructed them to let her come for a final bathing so as to drive the witches away. When the innocent girl went to his house, the fetish priest undressed her and put her on his laps under the pretext of bathing her with the concoction. He inserted his fingers in her ------ and defiled her in the process. The girl came home bleeding and told her parents about it.

The forth and fifth victims, both young adults, went through similar ordeals after they were lured into the room of the fetish priest who told them about some spiritual issues he had uncovered about them. It was after they had been raped that the fetish priest was exposed. The ladies informed their parents who reported the matter to the assembly member of the area.

According to ASP Isaka, the assemblyman reported the case to the chiefs of the town who summoned the fetish priest, who confessed having committed the crimes and pleaded for forgiveness.

The assemblyman rejected his plea and reported the matter to the Sampa Police who arrested and handed him over to the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) at Berekum.

Source: Fred Tettey Alarti-Amoako, Sunyani