View Full Version : ‘Solutions The Answer To Versatility’ –Trigmatic

19th August 2011, 11:42 AM
On the 13th of August 2011 inside Ghana’s meaning of night clubbing – Aphrodisiac, the album with the answers to rap music in Ghana was launched by the Trig movement called ‘SOLUTIONS’.

Trigmatic who won the Best Rapper at the GMAs proved that the answer to versatility is not cheap talk but a good album with listenable songs. The best rapper disclosed that, after winning the award, some Ghanaians doubted his sustainability of that title, but this is it he has proved them wrong and he thanks his fans so much for been there, every time the matic calls. Trig said: ‘I love my fans; they love the trig movement, no! they understand the Trig movement, so I knew they will trip to the venue in their numbers but they over whelmed me when they over packed in the club’.

He also contended, ‘when I got to the venue and I was so happy with the turn out, I told my team one thing, which is, Ghanaians (some) are getting to understand the meaning of the rap movements we’ve always talked about’. Talking about the album its self, Trig noted that the album has three elements, ‘Soul’-U-tions’ meaning, the album first of all has soul, it has you (fans) in it and is the answer to rap music as we have waited for it for so long.

In detail Trigmatic passionately said that, If Permanent Stains had 7 GMA nominations then wow, he can’t wait to know the number of nominations the ‘Solutions’ album will clock, since it is an advancement of the first album. Finally Trig thanked all who came to support him to outdoor the new baby, and hoped that Ghanaians will grab a copy and understand why he is saying, ‘Solutions is the meaning of versatility’.