View Full Version : Tontoh Dikeh Mute On Lesbianism

19th August 2011, 12:19 AM
Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh says she has no right to talk about lesbians, whether positively or negatively because she does not want to be judgmental and sound discriminatory.

Tonto made the comment last week in an exclusive interview when nigeriafilms.com when she was asked about her opinion on lesbianism in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Initially Tonto said, “That is their private life. I don’t have a right to talk about them or what they do or what they believe in. I have my different belief that works for me. If that works for them, they should knock themselves out. I don’t discriminate.”


But she added, “I mean it’s in the Bible. God destroyed a whole country because of the sin of being gay. God killed a whole country, knowing there could be kings, there could be pastors and righteous people in that country, so obviously, and it is bad.”

Tonto Dikeh is not a known lesbian. Some months ago, news broke that the sultry actress and the fast rising singer, Wizkid were having a well-shrouded romance.

“They are seriously bonking themselves,” the site said but things took a new turn when Tonto Dikeh debunked the report.

“Whizkid is just a friend on twitter. I am not in a relationship with him. Those that follow me on twitter know that I love calling my friends on twitter romantic names like honey, sweetheart, darling etc.

I guess that is what people saw about some of my tweets to Whizkid and started speculating that we are dating. There is nothing of such,” she reportedly said.

Beautiful Tonto entered Nollywood after she finished as 1st runner-up on Nigeria’s ‘Next Top Movie Star’ reality TV Show, and since then, her career has been progressing.

From Ikwere, Rivers State, Port-Harcourt, she is the third of five children, and a very simple person by nature. She attended the best schools in her state and continued at the Federal Government College.

She read Petro-Chemical Engineering at the Rivers State University Of Science and Technology. Tonto’s mom passed away while she was only 3 and her father who took care of her with the help of her step-mom. Her dad makes her feel special and does not want anything bad to happen to her.

While growing up, she had always wanted to act, but her father wasn’t too keen on it when she finally entered into acting because he thought it was a big derivation from her discipline at school.