View Full Version : I Romanced A Woman Sexually – Actress

18th August 2011, 03:14 PM
Ghanaian actress Chichi Neblett has said that she has never kissed any male actor in her 6-year career as an actress, but has rather sexually romanced a fellow female actress.

“I played the role of a lesbian where I had to romance this girl. I found it very difficult because I will not even find myself kissing a guy in movie let alone my friend woman. It was a little bit challenging for me. I was just faking it. I didn’t kiss her, I just gave her some serious pecks,” Chichi told News-One.

Not many of Ghana’s beautiful and top actresses will be willing to play the role of a lesbian. Jackie Appiah once said boldly that she couldn’t play the role of a lesbian, but Chichi has done it. As to whether or not it is an enviable achievement, it is up to movie enthusiast to judge.


Chichi made her entry into Ghana’s movie industry in 2005, after her role in AA Production’s ‘Puncher Hole’. She subsequently appeared in other movies including Venus Films ‘Mummy’s Daughter’. But she went off the scene in 2007 to have her baby. She returned in 2009 and has since featured in a number of movies including ‘4play’, ‘Reason To Kill’, ‘Who Loves Me’ and a number of upcoming ones.

She said she could do anything to get to the top except going naked and displaying her beautiful body on TV screens as well as opening her legs to get roles.

“I will go to the highest, but the least I will do is naked myself {sic}. I can do any other thing but to naked myself {sic}. I can’t do that,” she reacted when asked what extent she would go to become a star. “As at now, I am struggling to get there. It is not easy. I am struggling. I know with time, I will get there as far as movies are concerned. I am not finding it easy at all,” she said.

Chichi, who admires and looks up to actors Majid Michel, John Dumelo and Jackie Appiah, said she was prepared for any scandal that would come her way in the future as an actress.

She said she was aware the industry came with such issues, hence she prepared herself before joining the industry.

Chichi is a Liberian but has been based in Ghana for some time now. She is described as the latest sensation in Ghana’s movie industry. She is gradually getting the attention of Ghanaian producers as a viable face to market Ghanaian movies in Liberia.

Born and bred in the Liberia, she travelled to Ivory Coast at a tender age during the war in her country. But she returned home in 1999. The eldest of two sisters and mother of one, she came to Ghana in 2003.

Prior to that, she had her basic school education at the Assembly of God Mission School (1999) and continued at R. C. Lawson Institute. She did cosmetology after she came to Ghana but she abandoned that for her acting dream.

Source: news One