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18th August 2011, 11:54 AM
A MODEL who claims to be the world's fattest mum wants to keep bingeing until she weighs a TON. Obese Susanne Eman who weighs 52st gets her kids to help her fill six shopping trolleys with food whenever they go to the supermarket.

And she said she has upped her gargantuan intake to see if she can become the world's heaviest woman in history.

The mammoth mum of two whose sons accompany her on eight-hour shopping trips for food says she wants to reach at least 115st, or 1600lbs, by gorging on 21,000 calories a day.

Susanne, 32, from Arizona, USA, said: "I'd love to find out if it's humanly possible to reach a ton."


She even plans to increase the amount she eats to keep gaining weight. Susanne who models for online photos said she was proud to have overtaken the previously biggest mum, 50st Donna Simpson, 43, from New Jersey.

Susanne, who takes sons Gabriel, 16, and 12-year-old Brendin for food shops once a month, now wants to break the record for world biggest woman.

She said: "A previous record holder was 1600lbs (115st), so I have to be at least that.

"My next goal is to be 57st (800lbs) by the end of the year.

"At my current rate of growth, I should be 115st by age 41 or 42." Susanne, who uses a mobility scooter and astonishingly believes it helps her stay healthy, added: "It's like a full day's work.

"The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel more confident and sexy.

"Why shouldn't I push the limits and see how fat I can get and stay healthy?"

Susanne's bizarre mission began after she could not stop gaining weight naturally.

She added: "Two years ago I hit 35st because I was losing my battle against weight gain.

"I noticed I actually started attracting more men, and it made me feel good." Unemployed Susanne who cannot work because of her weight claims she stays active by doing simple exercises and having regular health checks.


She said: "I go for a waddle and do stretches and exercises every day.

"I take my blood pressure once a week, and every day, after I exercise, I take readings of my other vitals. "

Despite warnings from her doctor that her bizarre experiment could kill her, Susanne insists she wants to break the record.

Dr Patrick Flite said: "She's really playing Russian roulette with her life with this goal.

"There are well documented complications that come with morbid obesity.

"I would never encourage anyone to be doing what Susanne is doing."

Source: thesun.co.uk

18th August 2011, 01:26 PM
aaaaoo Awurade............what is wrong with this one? Eating to your grave and you think its fun.............SMH