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Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
17th August 2011, 07:33 AM

We had a telephone appointment at 17:00. Two days before, he still had marked the spirits in Assen two goals, including a masterpiece, in the Champions League against Arsenal. It was then called. Busy. Two minutes later, he reminded us. In the background you could hear birds singing and children playing. Leo Messi was quietly installed in his garden at his home in Barcelona. Magneto.

On land, you are very fluid, frisky. Sporting, you can call it elegance. Are you aware?
On land, I always try to do my best. Sometimes the style is there, sometimes not. The important thing is to be comfortable, in harmony with the ball. When you feel good, elegance comes naturally. You are a millionaire. However, while millionaires can afford.

I have the energy of the Stones and the Beatles' joie de vivre.
Do you ever happen to yield to the whims?
No, I'm not someone who whims. I love the clothes and cars, but I'm not an impulsive guy. I never buy anything on a whim. I am rather quiet as a boy.

You may call seņor Simple ...
Not true. I like to stay with my family, have a life pretty simple. On the ground, it's a bit like that, although the situation is different when there is a big issue. In this case, the desire to win converts and I sometimes feel I have to change their personality.

Everyone knows you as a footballer, hardly anyone as a man. In the city, the style is it important to you?
Yes, it's capital. I am very concerned about the quality of the clothes I wear. At the same time, it is important to feel comfortable. This is crucial. This is why I signed with Dolce & Gabbana. To sum up, the elegance welfare does not make sense ...

Exactly. The elegance and style are additional comfort. Off the pitch, you're more T-shirt, jeans and sneakers that full three-piece. In short, we do not know attracted by fashion. Why choose Dolce & Gabbana, a very fashion brand?
In fact, I wore a lot already the brand. And I was often at the shop in Barcelona. I am very happy to have become their ambassador. I think their clothes fit my style. We can put them at different times of the day, for all occasions. On land as in life, I like things to be in order.

Maradona is Maradona, an extraordinary player.
He achieved great things.
He has done much to world football.
I've never seen him play for real, only video.

Heart and --- looks like your house?
My house? It is normal.

A pool, anyway?
Yes, to relax muscles.

We would really like to know what your home looks like. Do you like art? The decor is it modern or traditional? Do you have items from Argentina?
(Laughs) My house is not exceptional. As I said, this is a normal barracks. All my belongings and my real memories are not in Barcelona but in Argentina, my mother and my brother. Here I have a simple house with a bedroom, living room and kitchen. That's all I need.

You live a long time in Catalonia. Do you continue to drink mate (a South American tea that is consumed in a kind of gourd with a metal tube used as a filter - ed)?
Yes, of course. Every day.

Also before a match?
Not before a game, but after. On training days, I does not bring my kit to mate with me because I'm way "football" only focused on the game, however, after training, I drink a lot.

In the kitchen, you tend Argentina or Spain?
Fortunately for me, Spanish cuisine is very similar to Argentine cuisine! So, okay, no worries on that side of ...

It happens to you to spend in the kitchen?
No, I'm lousy in cooking. It's always my mother who took care of ... Level music you listen to what? The main Argentine cumbia (the equivalent of the South American variety - ed.)

You have been photographed in a library by Mariano Vivanco, a book casually placed on the bed. Do you read?
Yes, but it's long since I have not taken the time to do so. The only books I potash are English books and textbooks for learning English.

You learn English?
Yes. It is crippling not speaking English today, right?

Well, we can move from Spanish to English so ...
What? No, no. Give me three months and it will go!