View Full Version : Africa's Women at MISS UNIVERSE 2011

17th August 2011, 03:21 AM
http://cdn.missuniverse.com/media/photos/galleries/gallery_photo1312355266Angola.JPG MISS ANGOLA,Leila Lopes

http://cdn.missuniverse.com/media/photos/galleries/gallery_photo1313044193Egypt.jpg MISS EGYPT,Sara El Khouly

http://cdn.missuniverse.com/media/photos/galleries/gallery_photo1313129070Ghana.jpg MISS GHANA, Erica Nego

http://cdn.missuniverse.com/media/photos/galleries/gallery_photo1312893229_MG_5178.JPG MISS NIGERIA,Sophie Gemal

http://beautypageantnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Nelly_Kamwelu-2.jpgMISS TANZANIA,Nelly Kamwelu

http://www.modelsafrica.com/gallery/Larona-Motlatsi-Kgabo2.JPGMISS BOTSWANA,Larona Motlatsi Kgabo

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
17th August 2011, 07:11 AM
Miss Angola is sizzling ! She packs a manageable rack. Miss Ghana is smoking ! Miss Egypt's jugs are presentable too. I think I can work with them 3 for now....;)

17th August 2011, 01:14 PM
... and from bottom... :D...

Miss Botswana is cute, lovely smile.. looks innocent... hmm...

Miss Tanzania is ... ermmm.. is... ermm... this smile keeps confusing me ;) :p :playful:...

Miss Nigeria got a nice smile ....will defer comments till whole package is in full view....:D

17th August 2011, 04:00 PM
Miss Ghana is bangable.

Fashion Yaa
17th August 2011, 04:43 PM
you forgot Miss Maritius ... just sayin

but i hope Miss Ghana goes far, work it sis

Fashion Yaa
5th September 2011, 11:35 AM
Thought I'd add this video....