View Full Version : My ban was unwarranted - Kofi Adjorlolo

16th August 2011, 01:25 PM
Veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo has said while he agrees the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) has the right to ban, he believes his ban was unnecessary and unwarranted.

The actor, together with Ekow Smith Asante, was banned by the film producers’ body for 24 months for engaging foreigners to shoot a film in Ghana without requisite documentation. The ban was later lifted after they had served about eight months of the ban.

The prolific actor told Myjoyonline.com in an interview that, the ban placed on him “was not necessary; it was unwarranted because they (the producers) didn’t even tell me what caused the ban.”

According to him, FIPAG, as an association, has the right to ban its members, saying, “I believe that everybody has the right to ban a member of that association if the person goes wrong [constitutionally],” but he found it rather problematic to be banned by an association he is not a member of.


Asked why he obeyed and served the ban since he was not a member of that association, he explained that, he observed the ban because of humility adding that, “they (producers) are the ones who call me to come and work so what can I do, obey or not to obey? I can’t do anything about it…they are the ones to call you to work.”

Kofi however stressed further that, “First and foremost, I am not a member of the producers association and secondly, producers are the ones I work for so if producers have ganged up, and they say they’ve banned me, who am I, am I going to produce my own films?” he quizzed.

To him, if care is not taken and this ‘ban’ trend is allowed to continue, some stakeholders in the industry, he cautioned, will become tin-gods and will “stifle somebody’s God-given talent.”

Now free from the shackles of the ban, Kofi said he would have opted for fishing farming as a source of livelihood.

“If it was not lifted, it means they didn’t want to see me in the show or film business. Either I step out of it and look for something else to do or to go to my village and farm as a fisherman which I could have done anyway.”

Kofi Adjorlolo since entering into the industry some years ago, has starred in several productions notable among them are Clash of the Barons, Secret Affair, Private Enemy and Agony of the Christ.

He started as a musician in his early twenties, entered into the media landscape in his mid-twenties and later became a broadcaster, read news, a DJ and also presenter on TV.