View Full Version : Mercy Johnson’s Wedding Not Cancelled!

16th August 2011, 01:23 PM
Contrary to stories circulating online which has it that Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson’s up-coming wedding is cancelled as a result of issues surrounding the marital status of his soon to be husband ‘Prince Odi’, the actress’ PR has stated categorically on radio that, the wedding is GONNA come on… Walahi so Mercy is ready to marry someone’s husband? What kind of desperation be this?


So I decided not to post anything on the on-going Mercy Johnson’s ‘husband’ snatching saga for several personal reasons. However, I got into a conversation with an industry friend today and for some reason, we landed on the issue of Mercy Johnson and Prince Odi.

I could not understand why she cannot simply call off the wedding. After all, it is more than obvious that her soon to be husband- Prince Odi has been lying or been hiding a lot from her.


How can Mercy Johnson proceed to marry a man who failed to tell her the truth about his children, a man who lied about his marital status among others?

My friend said something along the lines that, a Gossipa whispered to her that, Mercy Johnson is probably pregnant and that is the reason why she cannot just call off the wedding…

I am also told that, Mercy Johnson’s family has washed their hands out of the decision making on whether the wedding should come on or be called off.

The family surely prefers the latter but then it seems the pregnancy and the lot that Mercy Johnson has invested into the whole relationship-wedding planning, publicity and crap is eating into her head so she cannot even make a decision…

Hmmm! So Mercy Johnson is pregnant huh?

Source: gossipa/nigeriashowbiz.com