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The Informer
15th August 2011, 08:04 PM
The year is 1534. Nikolas Copernicus, a young Polish astrologist, makes a discovery. A startling discovery, to say the least. He wants to go public with it! However, he decides not to. Instead, he documents his founding in a book and seals his lips.

The fear looms! Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, had gone before him in 355 BC. In that respect, Copernicus' founding couldn't be considered new nor unique. Yes, radical for its time, but not unique! Fast forward to the 17th century, Galileo, another brilliant Greek astrologist, arrives at the same conclusion. He too discovers what Copernicus and Aristotle knew all along the watchtower. So, what exactly did Copernicus discover? And, why did he choose not to go public with it until his dying day? Well, Copernicus observed that our sun is stationed at the centre of our Milky way. He also came to the conclusion that the planets revolve around the sun. Copernicus' theory wasn't in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic church. No! According to the church, the scriptures indicated that the Earth was stationary. The heavenly bodies revolve around it.


For thousands of years, this Biblical theory came to be accepted as factual. No questions were asked, except by a few who did so at their own peril. These particular individuals were branded heretics by the church! Any view, which opposes the scriptures, should be deemed heretical. At least, this is what the church said. Copernicus faced a dilemma! His founding was in contrast with the scriptures! To go public with it would mean one thing, death--the obvious consequence. So, Copernicus chose to live. He put his founding to paper and kept mute. In comparison to Copernicus, Galileo went a little further to illustrate his point. He built a telescope, which showed the various planets and their revolving moons. Also, the telescope showed the planets revolving around the sun. Unlike Copernicus, he went public with it. It didn't take long before the Inquisitor, the judicial arm of the church, got his attention. Galileo was summoned to a hearing. His theory was deemed heretical! He was asked to recant or else. Sure enough, he retracted his theory in exchange for life.

Indeed, such was the power and might of the church in medieval Europe. Religion ruled everything! The church ruled commerce and trade to the detriment of the masses. It ruled kings and Queens. It ruled the lives of the people to the extent that creative thinking was no longer possible. The people were made fearful and stupid! For instance; a fantasy heaven and hell was invented to mislead the untrained mind. The devil was blamed for manís misfortune. God, on the other hand, was praised, when a heretic was burned at the stake. By the way, the so-called heretics were men and women of science and progress. They saw the truth behind the lies! The church encouraged the people to trade hard-work for prayer, common sense for religion, and scientific solution for dependency on God. As a result, scientific endeavors weren't pursued nor entertained. In terms of development, the less, the better. There was none to speak of whatsoever! Sadly, a life of destitution became the fate of many. In that respect, modern Ghana doesn't differ that much from medieval Europe. Mind you, Ghana is still a country where superstition and religion dictate the lives of many. They have maddened the majority!

Modern day Europe owes its prosperity and progress to science and technology. Communist China has become an economic giant due to creative thinking. Slowly but surely, India is up on the rise. Science and clever entrepreneurship have paved the way for an economic take-off. Undoubtedly, the aforementioned continent and countries have come to the conclusion that religion doesn't work. It never did! If anything, it bankrupts the mind. It kills the imagination! So, they have traded politics for common sense, prayer for hard work, and dependency on God for science and technology. We Ghanaians, on the other hand, are still on our knees praying to the sky.

We have traded common sense for politics, hard work for prayer, and science for dependency on God, just like medieval Europe. In fact, modern Ghana is medieval Europe. The country is more than three hundred years behind the scientifically advanced world! Simply because; most Ghanaians are under the illusion that religion, prayer and politics would develop our country. How false! Indeed, we have a long way to go with this kind of mentality. But, would we get there? Perhaps, we will. Perhaps, we wont. Who is to say? And, who is to know?

Welcome 2 the New age of Consciousness!

Source: The Emperor