View Full Version : Church shut over excessive noise

12th August 2011, 10:30 PM
The entire congregation of Success Chapel Church Bubiashie in Accra had to run for safety to escape being locked in the church by the police during the usual Friday morning service.

The congregation had a shock of their lives when police officers stormed the premises during a church service to order them out of the church on court orders.

Many of the frustrated congregation had fled the church premises for their lives as at the time Asempa News visited the church while the few who were stranded were hovering around the locked premises.

Asempa News investigations revealed that the church was forcibly locked up due to the excessive noise it makes throughout the week.


An eyewitness told Asempa News that the church premises belong to a family.

The witness said one of the family members rented his portion of the house to the church for its services.

He said the church, which has been nicknamed, “Home of Refuge”, holds church services from Monday to Sunday, during the day and at odd hours.

According to the witness, due to the excessive noise, an elder of the family took the matter to court to stop the church from continuing making noise. The court granted the wish.

The church however reportedly turned deaf ears to the court order until the complainant reported the matter to the police to enforce the court order.

Asempa News' frantic efforts to hear what the church had to say were fruitless as none of the caretakers and church members present was ready to talk.