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12th August 2011, 12:44 AM
"O.k off ***** for the night. I love my sista yo! They want what u got deh gurrrl!! haha . Believe it or not, 1st thing I look at is eyes, lips, hands & posture. From the back what else is there to look at ladies? Honestly?.

Tomorrow MTO gonna read, ” Mario stuck in Africa on *** harassment charges”…. Fellas asking me to twitpic a real african ***! lol Yo, if i catch a good one tmrw i gotchu! lol. Like most men i normally don’t look at *** first. #butuummm #allmighty please forgive me. Yo real talk. African women (from africa) have the realest PERFECTLY round ***** in the world!! #withalldorespect"


American rapper, Mario who stormed Ghana for 233 concert has been obsessed with some Ghanaian *****, been tweeting about ***** since he got to Ghana, like he saw some perfect behinds in Ghana and couldn't shut up and face what he came for keep it to himself

And rumour has it that Mario took his love for African ***** too far after allegedly getting down with Ghanaian female rapper, Tifanny.

Source: thisisjs.com