View Full Version : I Don’t Need A Man- Actress Brags

12th August 2011, 12:41 AM
In the wake of reports of a purported rise in homosexual activities among Ghanaian celebrities, Ghanaian actress Sika Da Diva says she does not need a man to be pleased because she has what it takes to make herself happy.

“I don’t need a man to make me happy. I get up feeling free, don’t need a man to make me complete. I get up, do my thing,” she commented on her facebook page on Monday afternoon. The comment follows reports that her fiancé had abandoned her for another woman.

Close sources to the actress told NEWS-ONE yesterday that she was losing her fiancé over media reports that she had a crush on fellow actor Eddie Watson. NEWS-ONE earlier quoted her for saying, “I am falling for somebody and so what?

Yes I remember saying I had a crush on Eddie but that does not mean I want to have sex with him.” she however refused to explain what she meant by having a crush on the actor. Sika allegedly had a heated argument with her fiancé, whose name is yet to be confirmed, over the comment. She could not find any tangible reason to give to her man.


She only downplayed the circumstance that led to her comments as just a joke with her friends which unfortunately ended up on the pages of a newspaper and on the internet. But the guy allegedly did not believe her because he once caught her in a similar fishy issue.

For close to a week now, they have refused to talk to each other. Sika told her friends that she was not worried because there were a lot of guys out there who wanted her, adding that she was not eager and crazy about their relationship. Sika was last in the news for celebrating her birthday after tales of her love for Eddie Watson.

Early this year, Sika told this paper in an exclusive interview that she was not one of the sexy beauties dying for the love of actor John Dumelo. Her reason was simple: The tall dark sexy actor is not her kind of man. “He does not turn me on,” she added.

“I like a physically built man. I mean an athletic person with a flat tummy, who is not fair. He should not be too short and must be taller than me. He should be God-fearing, loving, hard working and besides everything, he should understand my job as an actress.” She however said “no comment” to whether she was dating or not.

Except for John’s flabby stomach and un-athletic physique at the time, he would have been a perfect choice for Sika, considering the qualities she wants. Sika is a former beauty queen who started flirting with the movie industry in 2008 and has appeared in not less than eight movies.

Last year, she had two productions in Nollywood including ‘I Propose’, starring some of Nigeria’s crème de la crème. She was also in ‘Prince Bride’ by Venus Films and the controversial movie, ‘Hearts of Men’.

She represented Ghana at the ‘Beauty of the World’ 2010 pageant in China and returned with an enviable Miss Personality crown. Her upcoming movie is produced by top musician Slim Busterr. Sika, born Dzuali Romana Sika Afi, is the only actress with a nickname in Ghana.

Source: News One