View Full Version : Drug Barons Engaged In Fake Medicine Production? FDB To Probe

12th August 2011, 12:33 AM
The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) says it will soon launch investigations into the possibility of Ghanaian drug barons sponsoring the production of counterfeit drugs circulating in Ghana.

The FDB says there is evidence pointing to this new trend internationally, following an investigation conducted by the German Crime Investigations Department.

The board suspects drug barons in Ghana are resorting to this new drug counterfeiting business module in producing condoms, antibiotics and canned foods among others.

The Head of Communications at the Food and Drugs Board, James Lartey told Citi News that FDB will work hard to ensure the safety of the public while investigations are launched into the phenomenon.

“If someone invests about 15,000 euros into narcotics drugs the person makes about 45,000 euros and if they invest 50 euros into narcotics drugs they make 100,000 euros, that is two thousand percent.

“So what is happening now is that many of them prefer investing into counterfeit drugs instead of the narcotics. Some of the reasons are also that the profits are very high and the risk involved for now is very low.

“That is why FDB will continue to fight this counterfeit issue because we believe that we are going to save lives. We have taken it very serious to deal with”.

Source: citifmonline.com/Ghana