View Full Version : House Cleaning of the Judiciary Again.............

St Hans
23rd August 2010, 03:33 AM
The comments being made by Dr Kwabena Adjei on the issue of cleaning the Judiciary as there are many ways of killing a cat, to some of us is quite unfortunate and treasonable. Ghanaians should not forget that one of the NDC's major campaign message for election 2008 was that, the sitting government was corrupt and the major issue was the Ghana @ 50 spending. The NDC as a party therefore sees it self being defeated if they loose court cases corncerning the so called corruption allegations but the NDC should not forget that they were operating with a propaganda machine and the law courts dont deal with propaganda.

The comments of Dr Kwabena Adjei is not surprising because as a former CDR member of the PNDC regime, house cleaning of the judiciary is nothing new to him. We should not forget that the murder of the three high court judges started the same way like this, when the AFRC criticised the judges in the same manner as the chairman of the NDC and his supporters are doing. I am still surprised why the Ghana police force has still not arrested a man who has openly threathened the judges.

Dr Kwabena Adjei may not take the action himself but it can instigate his rebellous so called foot soldiers who have taken Ghana into a state of lawlessness and indiscipline to rise against the judges. These comments will do nothing be worsen the plights of the family members of the three high court judges who were brutally murdered for defending tha law. I have been wondering what is going through the mind of my own brother Koranteng-Addow, whose mum was murdered when he was only three months old under same regime with different name but same character.

The NDC government must do it best to ensure the security of all judges after this treasonable comments by the chairman of the party and must also ensure he is prosecuted on this issue. I want to assure the government that should anything happen to any judge, they are going to see a young generation with hot blood who are really ready to fight against oppressors rule. LONG LIVE THE JUDICIARY ARM OF GOVERNMENT, LONG LIVE GHANA, GOD BLESS OUR HOME LAND GHANA