View Full Version : Emmanuel Adebayor: I Can Act Better Than Majid

The Informer
10th August 2011, 11:53 AM
We have seen him dribble his way to score amazing goals on the football pitch, and we have even seen him do some amazing and ridiculous dance moves on and off the pitch, but can Man City and Togolese football star Emmanuel Adebayor act as well?

Well, it seems that the footballer may soon be seen on screens across Africa as he recently announced his amazing acting talent to Ghanaians. In an endorsement message for the 2011 Ghana Movie Awards, Adebayor said that Ghana and indeed the rest of Africa should be ready to experience his acting ability, claiming that he can act better than most of known actors. He particularly stated that he can act better than Majid Michel and the other guys, with a straight face that made him look serious about what he was saying.


Adebayor’s comments triggered a lot of laughter when the video was played back to an audience including Majid, the press and other movie stars at the recent launch of the 2011 Ghana Movie Award at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra.

Is the football star looking for another money earner when he retires from his prolific football career?

Source: the buzz