View Full Version : Abdul Salam Snubs ‘Single Six’ Cast Again

9th August 2011, 04:20 PM
Producer Abdul Salam Mumuni has once again premiered his new movie ‘Single Six’ outside the shores of Ghana without the movie’s lead cast.

Last month, he premiered the movie in Liberia without the cast as he rather went with a couple of Ghanaian stars who are not part of the ‘Single Six’ cast. The development, according to reports, is generating uproar within the movie industry, with some of the movie’s cast grumbling and fuming in anger.

For fear of being banned, none of the cast is however ready to go public over the development but they are grumbling that Salam had not been fair to them.

Yesterday, sources told NEWS-ONE that Salam premiered the movie in Togo on Sunday. He did not go with the cast, but rather Jackie Appiah and Majid Michel. None of the movie’s lead actresses- Yvonne Okoro, Ebi Bright, Mzbel, Beverly Afaglo, Ciara Galega, and Zynell Lydia Zuh- had a chance to go on the trip.

Again, sources from Salam’s camp explained that what he did was a smart business strategy to attract a large crowd to his Togo premiere because those on the trip were very popular in that country and their presence was most likely to increase patronage at the premiere.

This was the same explanation he gave during the Liberia premiere. Salam and his crew are expected to return to Ghana this week.

The new movie tells the story of six single, beautiful ladies namely, Yolanda (Ebi Bright), Kendra (Beverly Afaglo), Zila (Ciara Galega), Christine (Mzbel), Serena (Zynell Lydia Zuh) and Tatiana (Yvonne Okoro).

They are all at the top in their various professions ad do all in their power to find love and affection, yet fail to achieve their dreams.

Source: News One