View Full Version : Idikoko’s Wife In Love With Agyaa Koo

8th August 2011, 05:57 PM
Linda Abbey, actress and wife of Idikoko (Augustine Abbey), has fallen head over heels in love with ace actor Agya Koo, sources close to her disclosed.

“She tells us Agya Koo is very good in romance and that she wants him to move her again because the first time he did it to her, she really enjoyed it,” a friend of Linda revealed and added that she had spotted Linda and Agya Koo a couple of times in town.


The two played sensual roles as secret lovers in a new movie ‘Agya Koo Armed Robber’. Linda is said to have enjoyed his ‘touches’. Since the movie, she has reportedly told a couple of friends that Agya Koo was a very romantic person and would love to enjoy his touches.

“I am in church and would call you back,” was the response she gave NEWS-ONE when it contacted her yesterday. Interestingly, in the wake of these reports, Linda’s husband Idikoko paired his wife and Agya Koo as secret lovers in his new movie titled ‘Agya Koo Armed Robber’.

In the movie directed by Idikoko, Agya Koo played the role of a manager of one of Paa George’s company. Linda, who played Nancy, was married to Paa George, an old man who could not satisfy her sexual needs. Nancy decided to force Agya Koo to have an affair with her.

At first, Agya Koo would not accept her proposal but he finally decided to give in after a friend’s advice and threats from Nancy that she would make sure he was sacked from her husband’s company. The movie was released last Monday as a collaborative project by Great Idikoko Ventures and Auslin Filmcraft.

According to a source close to Idikoko’s Great Idikoko Ventures, Agya Koo and Linda Abbey took advantage of the movie to have some fun on set. They did a lot of ‘things’ which were not part of the script so Idikoko had to edit those parts from the movie.

In some scenes of the movie, one could clearly see Linda shaking her flexible breasts in front of Agya Koo. There was another scene in which she was ‘warming’ Agya Koo’s peniss.