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7th August 2011, 12:29 PM
The Kotobabi District Police Command is currently on the heels of one Stacy Afriyie, a nurse, for attempting to murder her ex-lover, Josuah Forson.

The 29-year-old nurse is said to have been aggrieved by her lover’s decision to call it quits when he accused her of having multiple partners aside him.

Stacy therefore hired some five men who aided her to inject a concoction she allegedly prepared with quantities of valium (sleeping tablets) and chloroquine into Forson’s system through the buttocks. Afterwards, she bolted with his valuables.

John Coffie, the Crime Officer at the Kotobabi Police Station, said the 35-year-old Josuah used to live in Dzorwulu where he lost his wife with whom he had two issues a few years back.

He therefore relocated to Kokomlemle where he met and fell in love with Stacy who was his co-tenant. As the love bond between the two grew, Stacy moved in with Joshua.

The two had been cohabitating on the same compound for almost a year-and-a-half until Josuah began to complain about his wife-to-be’s alleged flirtatious behaviour.

Since she remained incorrigible, Josuah decided to part ways with her and try his luck elsewhere.


However, that probably did not go down well with Stacy when she was asked by Josuah to vacate the room.

Stacy reportedly travelled briefly to Kumasi where she allegedly had to attend a funeral.

She returned to Accra on Friday July 29, 2011 and suggested to Josuah that since they were no longer together, she wanted to relocate to another room. She therefore asked Forson to rent a single room for her in the same house.

Josuah said he would only agree to her suggestion if the landlord consented.

So on that day, the two went to confer with the landlord who gave them the go-ahead.

At about 10pm on the same day, the two retired to their various rooms.

Josuah fell asleep while watching a television programme and left his door unlocked.

While he was still asleep, he felt a sharp pain in one of his buttocks. When he opened his eyes, he saw five strong men in the company of Stacy who had held him tightly while Stacy was ready with a syringe full of some substance to inject him.

As he began to struggle to get off their grip, he fell unconscious until Sunday, July 31, when his brother came looking for him.When his brother John Forson arrived at about midday, Joshua’s door was locked so he banged the door but was surprised to see Stacy seated by his brother in the sofa.

When he asked what the matter was, Stacy said Josuah had fallen sick after they returned from a trip to Takoradi, the Western Regional capital.

While John decided to go to the bank and withdraw some money with his ATM card to enable him to take his brother to the hospital, a co-tenant who had been worried about the sudden disappearance of Josuah, sought to find out what was amiss.

She was taken to the room where she saw Josuah virtually panting and lying down unattended.

It was then that the co-tenant quizzed Stacy if they ever travelled anywhere.

The co-tenant raised the alarm and attracted residents who came to help carry Josuah to the hospital.

Stacy was reluctant in accompanying them to the hospital but followed after they insisted she come with them.

Since Josuah was admitted, his brother had to go home to bring him some clothing.

It was then that he found syringes, gloves, empty sachets of valium tablets, amongst other things in the room.

It was when he brought them to the hospital that the doctor realized he had to change Josuah’s regimen, seeing that he had been injected.

Josuah regained consciousness on Monday, August 1.

By the time he lodged a complaint at the police station on Tuesday August 2, Stacy had long bolted with almost all his belongings.

Stacy reportedly left behind only a laundry basket and a few items in her room including some expired medicines which the police are currently holding as exhibits.

The police suspect she might be hiding in Kumasi or any of its adjourning villages.

The police appealed to the general public to be on the lookout for the suspect and report any information about her or her whereabouts to the nearest police station or the Kotobabi Police in Accra.

Source: Rocklyn Antonio