View Full Version : Muslims Condemn UK Minister

The Informer
3rd August 2011, 08:30 AM
The Coalition of Muslim Organisations, Ghana, (COMOG) has chided Mr Stephen O’Brien, UK Minister for African Development for calling for respect for the rights of homosexuals in Ghana.

In a statement copied to the GNA on Tuesday, COMOG said such support for homosexuals in Ghana was an “unwelcome interference” in the nation’s internal affairs and an attempt to corrupt and subvert Ghana’s religious, moral, cultural and national principles, values and norms.

The statement expressed disappointment at Mr O’Brien’s failure to consider the negative impact of homosexuality on the health, moral, procreation and human decency of Ghanaians, especially the youth. “One wonders whether the UK’s strange intervention in this matter is a subtle attempt to impose cultural neo-colonialism on Ghanaians.”

COMOG noted that Ghana’s status as a secular state did not make it “atheistic, heathenish or pagan” and that Ghanaians were generally a God-worshiping people who believed in the supremacy of God who is against hedonistic practices such as homosexuality and lesbianism. “Therefore with one accord, we Ghanaians are saying no to homosexuality and lesbianism which we condemn as un-Godly, satanic, unnatural, abnormal and an abomination”, the statement said.

COMOG said it wondered whether Ghanaians were being called upon to mortgage their national principles and cultural values for foreign and imported practices in the name of human rights and development partnership. “Ghana will never accept the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism under any circumstance, and Muslims, Christians, traditionalists and other compatriots will join hands in a united front to fight the menace of our country.”

COMOG repeated its call on Government to make its position clear on the issue for the avoidance of doubt and to allay the fear that it might act under pressure against the interest of Ghanaians.

“If Government does not act swiftly on this matter, the situation may get out of control and same sex marriages may soon be taking place right here in Ghana, in the full glare of the public, while polyandrous marriages may follow suit, all in the mane of human rights,” it read. The statement called on Ghanaians to pray for God’s intervention to rid the nation of satanic practices such as homosexuality and lesbianism.

It also called on the National House of Chiefs and traditional rulers to publicly denounce the practice of homosexuality and lesbianism. “We also call on Imams and clergymen at all levels to condemn the sinful acts in their Friday and Sunday sermons, in their mosques and churches,” the statement said.

Source: GNA