View Full Version : Gospel Musician Grace Ashy And Producer At War

The Informer
1st August 2011, 02:21 PM
Information reaching your most authoritative Flex newspaper has it that, renowned Kumasi gospel music producer Mr. Solomon Opoku popularly known as Spirit Man has allegedly duped ace gospel musician Grace Obaa Yaa Ashy on her previous album “Agyese Woba Mu”.

Flex upon hearing this, contacted Grace Ashy to confirm the allegation and she had this to say: “Yes indeed, I will not only say he duped me but Opoku is a thief too. Can you imagine that he started selling my videos without my knowledge? He goes to print so many copies of my Cds and tells me he printed less than what he has” Grace said.


“I confronted him on this issue and he sworn to me that if indeed he has cheated or stolen anything of mine in any way, he should be killed in a car accident. Surprisingly, just three days after swearing heaven and earth on the allegations leveled against him, he had a severe accident that nearly killed him. As I am talking to you, he is still undergoing treatment and I have served him a letter from my lawyers to this effect. Stephen, some producers are cheating gospel musicians all in the name of God and its high time we expose them” Grace Ashy added.

On the other hand, this reporter also called Mr. Opoku aka Spirit Man and he also had this to say, “Brother, all that Grace is saying are lies. I gave her all the money I made from the sales of the audio Cds, so I don't owe her in any way. She told me to have waited for the audio Cds to be sold for a while so I can later come out with the video which I did not agree.

I know how the market is and I brought the video cds to the market. If today, Grace is telling you this, then she was not aware of the Video Cds release. It is a blatant lie. When the video came out, I told her to exercise restraints so we sell them for sometime before we sit and discuss about our accounts, but this woman refused. Even though I had an accident, it is not related.

Can you believe this lady went ahead to put an embargo on the Cds? Whiles I was thinking of how we could sit and solve the issue amicably after my recovery? I later heard she had printed some of the Cds with different covers unto the market. I have decided to sue her. I am currently in talks with my lawyers and Grace will surely hear from me soon” Spirit Man responded.

Source: Flex Newspaper