View Full Version : Yvonne Nelson sings in support of Glaucoma patients

The Informer
31st July 2011, 09:57 AM
Actress Yvonne Nelson has been true a lot in recent times. Either out of sheer bad luck or dislike by those in the high up, she has experienced a bumpy ride. The good news however is that she demonstrated tenacity and a strong will to continue with her life even in such trying times and did not allow it to become a stumbling block for her aspirations.


One of such aspirations is a desire to help the poor and sick for which she established a Glaucoma charity foundation to help fund the treatment of Glaucoma patients in Ghana, possibly other select African countries, and to extend the foundationsí arm globally overtime.

In advancement of her cause, Yvonne sang along with a host of other music and entertainment celebrities to help increase awareness for her campaign. Check the video below: