View Full Version : Africa Now A Continent Of Shop Keeping - Prof Awoonor

28th July 2011, 06:31 PM
The Chairman of the Council of State, Professor Kofi Awoonor, on Wednesday lamented that the African continent was in crisis and that there was a new conspiracy to “recolonize it in the name democracy”.

He said the recoloniazation agenda of today was similar to the earlier colonization of Africa where most of its human and natural resources such as gold, diamond,timber, and slaves were exported to the Americas, and that the target today was on the oil resource of the continent and not the welfare of the citizens.


Prof. Awoonor said this at the opening of a two-day colloquium held at the University of Cape Coast as part of activities marking the ninth edition of the celebration of Pan African Historical Theatre Festival (PANAFEST) under the theme,“Reuniting the African family: challenges and Prospects”.

The colloquium which was attended by professors, members of the PANAFEST Foundation , chiefs and a cross section of the public as well as students from Trinidad and Tobago is to deliberate among other things pragmatic programmes and projects that would enhance the sustenance and development of PANAFEST into a world class event.

Prof Awoonor noted with concern that due to the recolonization plan, the kind of education people acquired did not allow them to appreciate themselves, stressing that even degree holders refused to think of who they were and what they could do, but rather restricted themselves to a dependency syndrome, of which the West continued to exploit Africa’s wealth and leaving the continent to wallow in poverty.

The Council of State chairman said the African continent had become the continent of shop-keeping for the selling of other people’s goods, stressing that more than 95 per cent of goods sold in most African markets particularly Ghana were imported.

He was also unhappy that leaders of the continent had failed in their efforts to unify Africa which was still saddled with crisis, civil and ethnic wars in countries like Liberia, sierra Leone, Rwanda, Libya and Cote d’lvoire, and stressed that perpetrators of such crisis were from the West.

Prof Awoonor urged the brothers and sisters from the Diaspora to trace their roots and integrate with their families in Africa, noting that this would be the greatest respect they could pay their ancestors.

Source: GNA