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28th July 2011, 06:29 PM
The 29-year-old Pastor from Kasoa in the Central Region, who allegedly attempted to rape a wife of a policeman in a hotel in Aboabo, near Koforidua, arrested and jailed has declared war against journalists and police officers on Friday for embarrassment.

This was after he was discharged from the prison custody on 4th July, 2011. He warned “I will fight any journalist and police officer who come my way. You don’t know me, I am not afraid of anybody again. God will punish these journalists and police officers in the country. Their families will know no peace”.

Pulling a large crowd of admirers around him at the park close to Obra Spot near Nkrumah Circle, Evangelist Akwasi Oppong told them that his arrest was an act borne out of greed, wickedness and was well planned by the police officer and his wife to tarnish his image.


Speaking in Twi language, the Pastor, who was radiating danger, said he was not arrested naked by the police who evaded his privacy in his Amsterdam Hotel room but his clothes were forcefully taken off him by the police at the station. Pouring out curses on all police and journalists in the country, he furthered his narration that after the police officers at the charge office took off his clothes amidst beatings, he heard one of them called journalists telling them “we have arrested a pastor naked attempting to rape an officer’s wife in a hotel. It was there that realized my arrested planned by the police”.

Pastor Akwasi Oppong, who is the owner of Power of Jesus Church at Nyanyano near Kasoa told his spectators that he already knew the policeman, Lance Corporal Elvis Koomson.

“The policeman came to me at Effiduase, a suburb of Koforidua where I had been preaching for more than days, to seek spiritual assistance for me to tie somebody spiritually to enable him travel abroad. I told him to bring GH¢60 for me to buy special anointing oil which could be used for that purpose, he agreed and left. He later brought only GH¢50 claiming that he had no money. I went to town with him to buy the items. Then he told me if I could do something to revive his wife business that had already collapsed. I agreed to assist the wife too”, he went on angrily.

He said later, a woman called him on phone identifying herself as the wife of the policeman and confirming the husband’s request for him to perform some spiritual rituals to revive her collapsed business and said she could only pay GH¢50 for the purpose.

He claimed the wife then told him to do something so that her husband would love her only which he resisted but later agreed and asked her to bring some salt and others items.

The evangelist explained that when the woman came into his hotel with the salt and other items, he was in his trousers and singlet. “My heart began to beat in an unusual way. I knew something bad was awaiting me. I told the woman that my heart was beating and fears were gripping me but the woman ‘romantically’ tapped me on the shoulder and told me not to be worried asking “are you not a man”?

He alleged that the woman then asked him of a place to urinate and he directed her to a wash room.

“But I heard her making a phone call, few minutes later after her call, the policeman in mufti opened the door and told me I was under arrest for attempting to rape his wife. I insulted him for utterance. I told him he was a madman and an animal. Is this not the woman you brought for me to help her, how can I try rape her, I asked”, the pastor continued.

Stressing that the policeman started slapping him so he also fought back and managed to escape from the room but he realized that a lot of people were pursuing him with machetes after an alarm was raised branding him as a thief so he had to surrender.

In a secret interview with one of his aides for fear of being attacked as he was trumpeting to the gathering, the aide name withheld told the paper that the pastor released on 4, July, 2011 and he is out regain his tainted image.

Since he came out of prison, he has vowed to carry revenge against journalists who published naked pictures of him and the police.

The circumstances surrounding his release is still hidden but he says it was spiritually acted by God to put to shame, journalists and the police officers behind his arrest and disgrace.

Source: breezy fm