View Full Version : Thief Tied To Electric Pole...

28th July 2011, 06:24 PM
Residents at Mendskrom, near Weija, on the Mallam-Kasoa road in the Ga South Municipal Assembly of the Greater Accra Region Thursday morning vented their anger on a young man suspected to be a thief, by tying him around an electricity pole after beating him up.

The suspect was allegedly caught red handed when he stole a khebab grill in front of a drinking spot.

The residents, after arresting him, brutalized him and tied him to an electricity pole.The angry residents fastened his arms backwards around the pole and bound his legs as well.

The suspect, who gave his name only as Tanko was suspected to have robbed a provision shop in the same neighbourhood few weeks ago. A resident told Asempa News that they tied him to the electricity pole to prevent him from escaping while they called the police.

Source: Asempa News