View Full Version : Prince Charles Meets Dr. Lawrence Tetteh

28th July 2011, 05:57 PM
Dr Lawrence Tetteh, a Ghanaian international evangelist has noted that “in an ever increasingly economically unstable world where many have lost hope in the future, faith plays an important role in the lives of people”.

“To mirror this reality, religious organisations have taken on an increasingly central role in the lives of Ghanaians…“Religious organisations therefore play important roles in stabilising society but most importantly stabilising the storms in the lives of believers from different walks of life.”

Dr Tetteh the Founder and President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach expressed these views when he attended the Annual Garden Party hosted by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales at Clarence House in St James Palace in London.


The party was attended by some distinguished personalities from various professions around the world.

Dr Tetteh, who is the in-coming first Chairperson of the Christian Council of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, said: “Every human being... has a spiritual component...and faith or its absence therefore plays a crucial role in people’s lives throughout one’s life journey.

“Equally important is to discover one’s purpose in life and live it to the progress of humankind and betterment of society,” he said.
During Dr Tetteh’s interaction with Prince Charles, His Royal Highness expressed interest in the religious make up of Ghanaians in the UK.

Dr Tetteh referred to the official demographic faith-based statistics of Ghanaians resident in country, which indicated that 70 per cent are Christians, 10 per cent Muslims while the rest belong to other faiths including African Traditional Religion.