View Full Version : Obama: My Wife Still Thinks I’m Cute…

The Informer
28th July 2011, 07:25 AM
The number of days until President Barack Obama’s 50th birthday is dwindling (August 4, mark your calendars now), but the commander-in-chief sounds ready to stare down middle age.

In a recent conversation with NPR’s Michel Martin, Obama told the “Tell Me More” host:


You know, I feel real good about 5-0. The — obviously, I’ve gotten a little grayer since I took this job but otherwise, I feel pretty good. And Michelle, you know, says that, you know, she — she — she still thinks I’m, I’m cute, you know. And I guess that’s — that’s all that matters, isn’t it?

Obviously. FLOTUS doesn’t seem to mind a little salt-and-pepper, previously confirming to “The Today Show” that her husband doesn’t dye his ‘do,’ explaining “it’s too late” but that he “might have started dyeing his hair 10 years ago” if he had known he would become president.

Source: huffingtonpost.com