View Full Version : 18 injured in gas explosion

26th July 2011, 03:30 PM
Eighteen people have sustained serious injuries following a gas explosion in Ashaiman, Monday afternoon.

The explosion is said to have taken place at a popular food joint in the locality.

Tema Municipal Chief Executive Mr Adi Nortey Addison told Joy News the victims are in a "very bad state."

"When I went to the hospital I was very sad. We counted 18 of them and all of them got burnt," he narrated.

They have been rushed to the Tema General Hospital for treatment, he confirmed.

He said the explosion was from a gas cylinder at a food joint and was followed by the blazing fire.

"It came from a food joint," he said, adding, "I think one of the cylinders had a fault and instead of repairing it, they didn't repair it and so it exploded just like that."

Madam Agnes Boadzie of the Fire Service told Joy News the scene of the explosion was not too far from her outfit and that made it quite easy to fight the fire before it could spread.

She said everything is under control at the moment, except the victims who she said were in serious condition.