View Full Version : Trailer: 'Somewhere In Africa' Premieres On July 30

The Informer
26th July 2011, 12:52 PM
Heroes Films Production and Raj Films are set to premiere their most expensive movie production ever at ‘Some Where In Africa’, at the National Theater on July 30.

A story of geode, a cry of Africans, the cries of humanity, the effects and defects of military government with soldiers everywhere with foolish wars to fight, the tears of abuse, some of it factual, much of it fiction but all of it is true and frequent happenings in Africa.


The last two decades however, were unarguably turbulent of times for most African nations. Puddles of blood filled our streets with fear as terror lurks on every corner. Horrors of combat embroiled in external unresolved conflicts.

Everywhere in Africa a dirge was being sung. As mankind we have become our own enemy and we are left to the shackles of hopelessness and despair. Tomorrow they say will be better. But they forget history repeats itself. Our dreams have faded….our hearts resigned with no hope for the future. We walk on in darkness and so shall the rest of our days be.

In an interview with Mr. Kwame Boadu of Heroes Films Productions, he stated that many movies are good, some are great, but only a select few can be truly ”essential." Some Where in Africa is part of the select few?

Some Where In Africa’ stars AMAA nominee Majid Michel, Martha Ankomah, Roselyn Ngissah, Amanobe Doodo, David Dontoh and Helen Asante .

Watch "Somewhere In Africa" Trailer below: