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The Informer
26th July 2011, 11:13 AM
The traffic light area in Ashaiman near the Sena Fm station, was the scene of a large throng of a crowd after hearing he shout of “makye mo oo, makye mo oo…” a Twi expression meaning “I’ve caught you, I’ve caught you”.

It was John Moses a former preacher in the area who had been caught making love to a girl in a Kiosk where-iced water sachets are kept.
When the alarm “blew” the girl who was known in the area, quickly wore her ladies panties and put on her brassieres and vanished through the blind side of the excited crowd.

Narrating what happened, Auntie Philo, a popular iced water retailer in the Ashaiman traffic light area said she closed around 9:30p.m on Friday and was coming to open the Kiosk to start supplying her itinerant hawkers when she chanced John and a girl she hardly knew having sex in her Kiosk.


According to her John has one of the spare keys to the kiosk/shop so whenever the hawkers came and she was not available it is John who served them, opening the shop for them.

He (John) would then later account to her.

She threatened to report the conduct of John to the Ashaiman police, but her colleagues pleaded with her since John had been helping them a lot.

They described John as a very religious person, who always preached against sexual immorality.

He often quotes Leviticus ministering to the women not to put on flowery dresses but dress neatly so as to win the favour of God, all the time.

26th July 2011, 01:51 PM
... come onnn... no sex in the champagne room now...:p