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21st July 2011, 09:04 PM
Picking the right gym critical to getting in shape. Pick the wrong one and youíre almost guaranteed to fail.

Yes Ė itís that serious!

You donít have to join a gym at all to get in shape, but some women do better at a gym. How can you tell if youíre one of those women? Simple Ė if you think youíll do better at a gym, you probably will.

Now onto the business of picking the right gymÖ


People join gyms for many reasons besides exercising and getting toned. Some join to socialize, some join because it makes them feel better, etc. Your reasons are cool with me, but my advice here only applies if your goal is to get RESULTS.

First question women ask: What equipment should I look for? This is what most women consider first, but honestly, this is the least important factor. Most gyms have some dumbbells and some cardio machines. Thatís more than enough.

So letís move on.

Remember why youíre joining a gym Ė to get that sexy body! When you look at it this way, choosing a gym becomes very, very simple. You want to pick a gym that youíll actually go to. I know, Iím brilliant.

What kind of a gym will you go to? One thatís nearby.

The single biggest factor that determines whether youíll actually use the gym is how close it is to your home or job. This has actually been studied scientifically and the conclusion is: the closer the gym, the more youíll go. If the gym is too far, you wonít go at all. You want something within 20 minutes driving/walking max.

(If you can get yourself to exercise at home, well it doesnít get any closer than that. But many women just canít do it at home.)

A couple of other things: you want a good atmosphere, you also want it to be clean. But only consider this if there are multiple gyms that are nearby. Proximity to home or job is most important.

Source: slimgirlsecrets