View Full Version : Boss Turns His Office Into A Sexual Arena

21st July 2011, 09:00 PM
The National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) Coordinator in the Dangbe West District, Habib Mohammed, has been accused by a section of his workers for allegedly turning his office into a sexual arena among other ugly activities other than the main activities his office is expected to undertake.

He was alleged to have constantly lured the ladies who worked under him to his office and sometimes to his house under the pretext of discussing with them the future of their activities or work in the district, only to forcibly demand bouts of sex from them. The Coordinator has since vehemently denied the allegation and dared those behind it to come out and prove as to where and at what time he sexually harassed them.


According to him, the allegation was being deliberately orchestrated by his enemies to frame him up ostensibly to tarnish his image. ďMy brother, the allegation is indeed not true, and more so, those behind are not workers of the NYEP, if indeed they are, then they should provide their documents or letters to that effect.

But the ladies, some of whom have been sacked, claimed it was indeed true. Following the exposure of his Modus Operandi, the other ladies working under him whom he had earmarked as his next target for his sexual misconduct decided not to respond to his calls either to his office or to his residence.

According to the ladies, they would accept Habibís call only in the open where such ugly acts could not be meted out to them.

Source: The Daily Searchlight