View Full Version : Goal-line technology 'will be in place by next year' - Premier League chief

21st July 2011, 08:45 AM
Writing in the Premier League's new review of the season, Scudamore claims that progress has been made with the technology and, more importantly Fifa is starting to engage with the idea.

Richard Scudamore is confident that the Premier League will have goal-line technology from 2012-13. (PA)
The world football governing body - and its president Sepp Blatter in particular - has conducted trials of goal-line technology, but it has never before been publicly backed in such a measure.

Scudamore, however, insists that the game itself is built around goals and the struggle to score them or prevent them, and every assistance should therefore be provided to ensure a fair outcome.
He writes in the review: 'The technology is available, it is the fairness that is important and the Premier League would introduce it tomorrow if it could.
'Now Fifa is constructively engaged we are hopeful the 2012-13 season is a realistic aim.'
There have been a number of high profile examples of teams failing to have legitimate goals recognised by match officials who simply couldn't tell that the ball had crossed the goal-line.

England players at the 2010 World Cup were furious that a shot by Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard was not recognised as a goal despite it bouncing behind the goal-line.
A goal would have levelled the scores at 2-2, but England went on to lose the match 4-1.