View Full Version : On Cover: Chris Attoh & Confidence Haugen

The Informer
20th July 2011, 02:45 PM
Suave-looking Ghanaian actor and presenter Chris Attoh has graced the cover page of the latest edition of Africa’s most read magazine, Sleek Weekly.

Chris’s good looks and his star power across West Africa sub-region and Africa were enough reasons to place him ahead of other African celebrities to be on the cover.

Also on the cover are Ghana’s Confidence Haugen, Nigeria’s soccer stars Kanu Nwankwo, Jay Jay Okocha and interior designer Keisha Umoren. However Chris got the largest prominence.


Sleek Weekly is a lifestyle, fashion and luxury magazine which has been in existence for the last 6 years in the UK and Nigeria, and 25 other African countries. The magazine, which is widely read in Africa, is making its debut appearance in Ghana and Chris Attoh and Confidence Haugen were the two lucky Ghanaian stars to have their faces on the cover of the magazine which would be distributed beyond Africa.

On Saturday, the magazine was launched at a short ceremony in Accra at the Mirage Hotel located at East Legon. Editor of the magazine Symon Adeji said Chris Attoh was placed on the cover page because many Africans can relate with him as a result of his role in Mnet’s series ‘Tinsel’.

He also recognized Chris’s African looks, saying the magazine’s foremost principle was to project African heritage. Chinedu Ike, country director of Sleek, noted that the magazine hasn’t got a Ghana and Nigerian edition. “It is just one edition that will be distributed anywhere in the world.

We are launching the operation in Ghana, not Ghana Sleek. So whatever we launch in Ghana today will be everywhere in Africa and beyond,” he added. The magazine indeed is rich in content with a lot of segments and interesting articles on showbiz, lifestyle, luxury and more.

There are also pages to get some fashion tips from.