View Full Version : Nadia Buari To Date Alex?

18th July 2011, 02:44 PM
One of Ghana’s divas in the make to believe industry, Miss Nadia S. Buari, may in the near future consider a love proposal from one of Ghana’s representative to the yearly reality show on the continent, Big Brother Africa (BBA) Amplified House, Alex Biney, after the latter made the move towards the actress on TV last Saturday.

The fondles which came as a surprise to both Nadia and others present at the show nicknamed ‘The divas show’, is interpreted to be talk in the showbiz industry after Alex revealed that he had long wished to get close to Nadia should he one day find his way into the industry, which he has found anyway.


Alex, admired by almost all the girls in the House due to his sleek-looking and calm nature, was last weekend booted out of the BBA House with two of his ‘wives’ after spending 70 days in there.
‘Bomaye’, as he was affectionately called in the House, said he developed a likeness for the daughter of the former president of Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Alhaji Sikdiku Buari, after he watched a movie titled ‘Beyonce’, in which Nadia played the lead role. “I have had crush on Nadia from Beyonce movie, and everywhere I have been going I have been saying that in Ghana, if get to certain celebrity status, I would date her, and that is off course, if she is not seeing anyone,” he said amidst smiles.

The screen goddess who could not help but beam with smiles, said ‘wao wao, thank you, thank you,’ probably for Alex’s comment on the role she played in that particular movie.

When the hostess, Nana Aba Anamoah, decided to allocate part of her powers to other panelists on the show to ask Alex any question of their choice, Nadia wanted to find out from Alex whether during his stay in the house he had any crash on any of the girls, to which he said ‘no’.


Asked if he had any sexual intercourse with any of the ladies who were dying to warm up his bed anytime, especially Millicent from Kenya, Miss P from Botswana and Weza from Angola? Alex, unlike Uganda and Tanzania representatives, Ernest and Bhoke who had the first sex, and the probably the only people who had the best of each other before their eviction the following day, Alex said although he was very much connected to all the Housemates, especially the ladies, he really did not have any crush on any of them.

Alex, son of a diplomat and a fashion designer, had been based in the United States until he recently came to Ghana after the demise of his father. He had both his primary and secondary education at Achimota in Accra, before leaving the shores of Ghana.

Before entering the BBA House, Alex Biney worked for Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam and the creator of Phat Farm.For now, it is not clear what the future holds for both Nadia and Alex, since she could not tell on the show if he was in a relationship or not.

Source: The Herald