View Full Version : Not All Gold Glitter lights up the National Theatre

17th July 2011, 08:31 PM
The National Theatre on Saturday evening played host to a young and dynamic group poised to change the face of theatre performances in the country.

The group, Here for Perfection (H4P) Crew treated patrons to well rehearsed music and acting skills when they performed the melodrama entitled Not All Gold Glitter.

The well attended show commenced on schedule; at 5 pm, when the H4P Crew dished out some of their songs to the absolute delight of the cheering audience who were in a real party mood.

The melodrama is about a Dion (Florence Kpano), an unhappy single lady who is not the least enthused about her state of insolvency. She consistently compares her situation with her younger sister, Jesse (Marilyn Martinson) who on the other hand is married, well to do and happy.


Dion's circumstances changed after consistent prayers. Along with it came gold wrapped in the unassuming secrets of life – a house boy MacDiamond (Henry Tims Ankrah). She inadvertently falls in love with this nice house boy who treated her like the queen she has always wished she is.

Then trouble struck. Her boss who is the Board Chairman of the company falls in love with her and the dilemma is, she enjoys the money but her heart is for the poor house boy. What is she going to do?

As she goes through her situation with her younger sister, Jesse and friend Princess Diana (Elorm Asiseh), the annoyingly feisty girl whose giggles alone can turn the stomach of the Pope, realises that nothing good comes on a silver platter.

The story is well woven around a cast of four, interlaced with exquisite singing and neatly interpreted roles.

Now Dion is astonished when she is hit with the reality, that MacDiamond the house boy is the same rich Board Chairman of her company.

How was she going to navigate this? Who did her heart really belong to? The flashy rich Davidson Peterson Johnson, or the happy-go-lucky house boy, MacDiamond?

Well obviously, MacDiamond had left a lasting impression on her and she was not letting him go, not for all the money at Dubai. Even though it was the same person she was dealing with in the long run, to her she fell in love with the humble poor MacDiamond and that was what she was sticking with.

The wit in the script, the fluid dialogue coupled with the excellent acting and singing got the audience up on their feet when the curtains were drawn, yes, a standing ovation. Such a fantastic work for a cast of four!

Explaining why the H4P Crew just has four artistes, Executive Producer and Director of the group Apostle Charles Hackman told myjoyonline.com that “Ghana has a lot of potential and talent. It takes lot of wisdom to harness it especially when it is just small, like four people and I believe that as we keep going people will realise that we have a lot of things in Ghana and they will come here to look at it.

“Not All Gold Glitter, is a production we are doing to support our Malaria Campaign. All the proceeds are going to go into our malaria drive. I want us to go round the country with our malaria message,” he said.

For all those who were unable to see the first showing of Not All Gold Glitter, Apostle Hackman said “we are looking at a programme at Takoradi then possibly we will go to Kumasi, may be the North and by God’s grace and by [the help of other benefactors], we will go outside the country.”

“I think that there is a renaissance. There is something that God is bringing back to Ghana – theatre performance – God is going to use it to really bless us. I am thinking especially in the heat of political rallies, God is going to raise us - the H4P Crew; we are going to bring a lot of calm, a lot of peace into Ghana through our dramas and when people are heated up with political debates and all that, we’ll cool them down with melodrama and theatre,” he sermonized.

So if you really are interested in knowing why royals eat a lot, watch out for the H4P Crew around you as the reach out to touch many hearts in Ghana with their unique brand of theatre performance.

Story by Derick Romeo Adogla/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana