View Full Version : UG suspends six, dismisses one for ‘fingering’ Amina

16th July 2011, 10:28 AM
The University of Ghana, Legon, has dismissed one student and suspended six others for allegedly molesting a lady they claimed to be a thief.

A report submitted by the disciplinary committee of the university to the Vice Chancellor found the seven students guilty of molesting Amina Haruna who was caught at Mensah Sarbah Hall in March this year.


Francis Atta Wiredu, Elijah Tamboeg, Mark Dickson Kwame, Morris Awaregya, Jason Boama Ampomah and Benedict Neequaye Broohm have been suspended for two academic years, whiles Maxwell Kwadwo Frempong has been dismissed.

Director of public affairs at the University of Ghana, Stella Amoa told Joy News’ Francisca Forson that the students played various roles in the molestation.

She said Maxwell Frempong was dismissed because he “must have played a more serious role”.

“The university has its rules and regulations, and there is a disciplinary committee for junior members, that is students. There has been a breach; students have violated the rules and regulations of the university, and the university is within its right to ask the student to appear before this committee…these students in line with our statute have been sanctioned.”

However, one of the suspended students, Elijah Tamboeg, said he would defy the school’s decision, contending that the issue is being tried in court.

About thirteen students were arrested and are facing prosecution, but Stella Amoa said the school's action would not influence the court’s ruling.

"What is before the court is of criminal nature, what was before the university has to do with administrative, or rules and regulations of the university, and this is what the disciplinary committee of the university has dealt with…I think the two are different matters and we do not have to place them on the same system.

Meanwhile, lawyer for one of the accused Rockson-Nelson Dafeamrkpor has described the university’s action as unlawful and is threatening legal action against them.

He told Joy News’ Dzifa Bampoh that the university failed to sanction the students when the incident happened, saying the case went beyond the powers of the school immediately the state took interest in it.

He argued that the university’s action prejudices the court, stating that the school has "acted unlawfully and that cannot be tolerated”.

Mr Dafeamrkpor said lawyers for the sanctioned students would “hold a conference” to decide the next line of action.

Story by Myjoyonline.com/Joy News/Ghana