View Full Version : Man To Die Over GH˘5280

15th July 2011, 05:03 PM
A 56-year-old retiree of the Ghana Heath Service, Edwin Abbey, may lose his life if he is unable to raise an amount of GH˘5280 to purchase drugs for his ailing kidney.

Doctors at the 37 Military Hospital have diagnosed him of a kidney dysfunction and have placed him on Micera 5mg and he is to take 2 tablets per week for 8 weeks but he does not have the money to purchase the drugs.


Mr. Abbey is therefore making a passionate appeal to corporate bodies and the general public to save him from a terminal ailment. He said checks from some major pharmaceutical companies in the country indicate that he would need a sum of GH˘5280 to purchase the full prescription handed him by the specialist since a tablet of Micera 5g cost GH˘330.

He needs 16 tablets for a period of eight weeks, after which he would be reporting at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital for further treatment.
Even though he got the prescription about four weeks ago, he is incapacitated by limited funds.

He is therefore unable to buy the medicine which is very much needed to assuage the excruciating pains he feels in both legs which are also swollen. Mr. Abbey currently walks with extreme difficulty and fears he may virtually die if he is not able to get help and treatment on time.

A referral letter signed by the physician specialist, Dr. Asiedu Frimpong, indicated that he “reported to our institution (37 Military Hospital) with bilateral swelling of the lower extremities of about a month duration and pain in the mejatarsophalangeal joints, especially of the big toes.

On history, examination and investigation, we made a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease.” Persons who wish to help should kindly contact Dr. Asiedu Frimpong of the 37 Military Hospital, Mr. Abbey on 024 2 871 259 or the News-One office, second turn on the left, opposite Nima Police Station in Accra.

Source: Daily Guide