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Fashion Yaa
15th July 2011, 03:02 AM
okay so here is another round of the series in our people's names, good stuff here.----------this is but a portion, for instance i could not locate Dzifa or Ezinator but more to come---------------------

Quaashie kwah-SHEE born on Sunday male
Akosua ah-KOH-soo-ah born on Sunday female

Coujoe koh-JOH born on Monday

Coblah koh-BLAH born on Tuesday male

Kwakou kwah-KOO born on Wednesday male
Akua ah-KOO-ah born on Wednesday female

Yaa YAH-ah born on Thursday female
Yao YAH-oh born on Thursday male

Coffie koh-FEE born on Friday male
Afua ah-FOO-ah born on Friday female
Afia ah-FEE-ah born on Friday female

Commie KOH-mee born on Saturday male
Ama AH-mah born on Saturday female

Ababuo ah-bah-BOO-oh -----She returns
Adika ah-dee-KAH ----------first child of a second husband
Afafa ah-FAH-fah -----------first child of second husband

Afryea ah-FRY-yah-------- born during good times
Ametefe ah-MEH-teh-feh------ child born after fathers
Atsu at-SOO ----------------younger of twins
Boahinmaa bwa-HIN-mah ----one who has left her community
Do doh ------------------first child after twins
Dofi DOH-fee ------------second child after twins
Enyonyam EN-yo-nam ----------it is good for me
Kpodo kh-poh-DOH -----------the elder of twins
Lumo LOO-moh ----------born face downwards
Lumusi loo-moo-SEE ---------born face downwards
Mawulawde mah-woo-lah-weh-DAY -----God will provide
Mawuli MAH-woo-lee---------------- there is a God
Mawusi mah-woo-SEE -----------in the hands of God
Mensah MEN-sah -------------third son
Nanyanika nah-YAHM-kah -----Gods gift
Ozigbodi oh-ZEE-gboh-dee ------------patience
Ye YEH-eh ----------------------elder of twins