View Full Version : Contractor Bites Off Headmaster’s Ear

The Informer
14th July 2011, 12:54 AM
A building contractor, Alhaji Oppong, is facing trial at the Wa Circuit Court for allegedly biting off the ear of a headmaster.

The headmaster, Mr. Mohammed Asuma, who sustained the injury after he got into a fierce confrontation with Alhaji Oppong - whose services had been hired to renovate the school block - over the quality of building materials said he has been permanently “deformed”.

Joy News’ Upper West regional correspondent, Rafik Salam, reported that the contractor had demanded that low quality materials are used by his carpenter for the windows and doors of Chache D/A Primary School, a farming community located close to the Ivorian border, about 22 miles from the Bole District Capital, Bole in the Northern Region.

The carpenter, according to reports, had a strong disagreement with the boss, and his stance was backed by the headmaster. This did not go down well with Alhaji Oppong who turned his anger at Mr Asuma.

The argument between the two – Alhaji Oppong and Mr Asuma - turned into a quarrel, as the headmasters’ insistence on the type of materials to be used was questioned by the contractor who said the headmaster was not in a position to tell him what to do.

Mr Asuma told Joy News that: “He slapped me in the face and jumped on me. The teachers saw the way we were struggling, they rushed in to separate us, and in the process, he grabbed hold of my head and bit my ear and chopped it off.”

He further narrated: “After committing the act he told me that I can take the matter to anywhere, I am just an empty teacher and I have nothing. He will follow the matter and render the case useless.”

According to the headmaster he hired a motorbike, and spent GH¢200 to travel to a hospital at Bole with the chopped ear, but without any success.

He said the doctor on duty told him the cells in the chopped ear were dead and could not be stitched back. “Now my ear is chopped off and I am deformed totally,” he lamented. Alhaji Oppong was arrested by the police in Bole and currently standing trial for his alleged cannibalistic act.

Source: myjoyonline.com