View Full Version : Microsoft announces Bing search deal with Chinaís Baidu

13th July 2011, 04:11 PM
Microsoft announced a new search deal with Chinaís Baidu search engine on Monday.

The software giantís Bing search engine will power English results on Baidu. Reuters reports that the partnership will allow English search queries to automatically launch Bing which will parse the results into Baiduís pages. Microsoft and Baidu had previously been rumored to announce the deal as early as May. The partnership will give Microsoft better access to Chinaís internet users, estimated at 450 million.

Baidu controls the search engine market in China after Google largely dropped out of the region following a number of Gmail cyber attacks in late 2009. Baidu currently dominates the Chinese search engine market with 75.8% market share. Google China holds 19.2%, leaving just 5% for other search engines like Bing. Microsoftís Bing search engine has been making significant gains in the U.S. market recently. Bing now accounts for 14% of all U.S. searches.

Baidu and Microsoft entered into a similar strategic partnership in 2006. The previous agreement centred around Baiduís paid search listings, allowing them to appear on the search results pages of Chinese versions of Microsoft web sites like MSN and Live Search (now Bing).