View Full Version : Actor John Dumelo's Sex Conversations Tape Leaks

12th July 2011, 07:45 PM
There have been lots of rumors about John Dumelo and his women-loving activities, although it has taken this writer too long to investigate into the issue. We can finally confirm that we have come to the tail of these whole speculations and allegations.

Although, most of the ladies involved in this act will not like their names to be published for the reason that anytime they attempt to bring John Dumelo to book, they are being branded to be opportunists. One Nigerian lady in the U.S. claims that John Dumelo is not only a player and a liar but also a blackmailer. She revealed to this writer that she has met two other different women who have also confirmed that John is dating them. She added that John is always giving unfounded excuses when asked about the information.

The lady lamented that when she found out the deals of Dumelo, she tried tracking him but now she thinks this is the right time to bring him to book without making herself known to the public.

She also narrated that John has blackmailed lots of women in the name of love. “One student lady I spoke with in Nigeria recounted to me how John took her school fees some years back. Since then, anytime she calls John, he tells her he is too busy to see her. There is also another issue of a lady who was living in US but has traveled to Ghana with the same problem” she added.


When we asked her if she has any prove to back all she was saying, she showed us some pictures and some videos of John on skype in an attempted sexual act, and other half **** pictures of John Dumelo.

This writer also had the opportunity to receive some of the tapes plus the alleged charity and orphan deals. Though we can’t retrieve the real content on the tapes, the source tells us that those are the words he uses in taking money from people and proposing to girls.

We tried contacting the other girls in question but almost everybody said they do not want to involve themselves in the matter. The other U.S girl also narrated that, she has gone through a lot of ordeal in the hands of John. The other lady also refused to make comments on the case adding that it will look like a movie story if she speaks on it.

Talking to John Dumelo on this issue, he responded that he was waiting to listen to the tapes including some of the charity contract deals we have in our disposal before he would make any further comment. He also stated that he has never signed any contract with anybody in his business life apart from a movie business contract. “The only contract I have signed in my life is a movie contract. I have never signed any charity contract or talked to anyone about a charity home” he said.

He added that he hasn't dated any lady so all the ladies claiming he has dated them to make money are lairs. We will soon be releasing some of the tapes in our possession to the general public to their listening pleasure and a follow up to it.

Source: Mustapha Ayinde Inusah/Nigeriafilms.com