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12th July 2011, 07:39 PM
A former soldier serving with the National Security apparatus has committed suicide with what appeared to be his service rifle, an AK 47.

Ebow Blankson was said to have blown himself up with his AK 47 in his house at Dzorwulu, an Accra suburb. Ebow Blankson, Daily Guide gathered, was said to have been de-enlisted from the 66 Artillery Regiment, Ho, during the Kufuor administration, after an alleged misconduct just after a year in the service, but got a job with the National Security apparatus when the NDC regained political control and was posted to the Castle, the seat of government.

He was thought to have been part of President Millsís advance National Security team, hitting venues ahead of the Commander-In-Chiefís arrival.

While working with the National Security apparatus, he was said to have been assured of a re-enlistment by a certain Lieutenant Colonel.
The arrangement failed to materialize, leaving the deceased disappointed in his new life in the National Security apparatus.

Speculations have it that the deceased was not regular with his duties. On the fateful day, two Wednesdays ago, a colleague was asked to go and tell him about his duty point and timing.


When he arrived at his residence, the messenger was said to have met the lifeless body of his colleague. He was said to have died after firing three bullets into his head, dying almost instantaneously.

As with such reports, Daily Guide was unable to get an official version of the happening despite several attempts. He was said to have taken to alcoholism lately and the suicide he committed could be the result of depression.

Source: A.R. Gomda

Fashion Yaa
12th July 2011, 08:27 PM
3bullets to the head, how does that work scientifically...like okay he shoots his head 3times or does an AK47 fire three bullets at a time?

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
12th July 2011, 08:37 PM
he had time to fire 3 shots ? dude must have had a hell of a thick skull.