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12th July 2011, 03:50 PM
Whether the whale swallowed Jonah or Jonah swallowed the whale, there was a swallow and there is going to be a divorce in the Rawlings house. Just lend me your ears for a minute, my nemesis from the umbrella fraternity.

Don't run to your gun or bow and arrow cabinets ready to shoot me to smithrens because the divorce I am talking about can manifest itself in either scenerios I am about to unveil.


During his June 4th celebration in Kumasi, Murderer Rawlings threatened to leave NDC albeit doing it subtly when he said that the inevitable will happen in the event that the National Democratic Congress presidential election does not favour his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings who contested incumbent President John Mills. Rawlings again planted another unobtrusive comment on the minds of political watchers implying he could be on his way out during his speech at the just ended NDC Congress in Sunyani when he said this;

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hope I will have this opportunity with you in future, but if I don’t there is something very crucial I would like to leave with you here, extremely important. Something we have been living with, we’ve been seeing, feeling, we’ve been victims of it but somehow has been escaping us."

What is Rawlings implying here? "I hope I will have this opportunity with you in future, but if I don't".That if his wife is not elected as the NDC Presidential candidate, he will leave the NDC and this might be his last time attending any NDC congress? I have two divorces in mind and the first one is Rawlings divorcing NDC. This might seem far-fetched for NDC sycophantic supporters but it is very probable Rawlings and his wife might be planning to leave NDC because I don't see how Rawlings can warm his way back to Mills camp and campaign for him. Is Rawlings going to tell Ghanaians Mills has not surrounded himself with bastards anymore? Is he going to tell Ghanaians that Mills administration is not corrupt anymore as he has previously said?

This is the first time that Rawlings has received a lukewarm reception in any NDC function and was upstaged by Mills and Mahama's entourages whose appearance received a thunderous ovation. It got worse when his wife was booed out of the stage and knowing the make up of the Rawlingses, I don't think they can play second fiddle to Mills in the baby they 'conceived and nurtured' NDC. I think divorce is in the oven and the seperation period is going to be short, the Rawlingses will divorce their baby by name, NDC. The Rawlingses might not announce an official divorce but will become dormant until Agya Atta finish his four year term where he is more likely to lose the 2012 election and then the Rawlingses will claim their baby back.

Rawlings is a control freak, he tried to control President Kuffour which the gentle giant intelligently brushed aside and did the same to the slow and timid Mills gauging from his recent statement. "Former President Jerry John Rawlings has revealed that there have been occasions where he has had to advice President John Evans Atta Mills, but they were not taken wholly.

“I have always given [him counsel] but he hardly takes it, yes he hardly takes it,” he told the media at the NDC’s National Delegates’ Congress in Sunyani on Saturday to elect its flagbearer.

The former president expressed fears that the delegates may not have the courage and temerity to vote according to their conscience, explaining that they have been corrupted by financial inducement. He alleged that for fear of losing the election, supporters of President Mills deliberately postponed the congress and started influencing people with money. He however cautioned that anybody using money to win the election will cause the party’s defeat in 2012, noting, “the new NDC that has been induced by money would be strong enough to stand up to the NPP in the 2012 election.”

So this man expected President Mills to take his advice wholly? Mr Rawlings, what you call 'counsel' is not a counsel if you expected the one you are counselling to accede to your every request, that is "DICTATORSHIP".

Now, what is the second divorce I am talking about? This is the traditional divorce we all know about, seperation of marriage between husband and wife and if the posture shown by the Rawlingses is anything to go by, then I can say that all is not well in this marriage. I have been suspecting that the Rawlingses might be having marriage problems since they torched their house last year when Mr Rawlings was bonking a young woman at his Sogakope mansion during the Valentine day which infuriated Yaa Konadu to set the Ridge residence ablaze.

Let's be real, is it true that the Rawlingses are 'broke' they can't even rent a house to live in as husband and wife Yaa Konadu has to shack with her mother whilst Dr Rawlings resides in his Sogakope mansion? They have a mansion costing more than three million dollars fully completed in East Legon, why are they not living together in this mansion? It looks to me as if the Rawlingses are secretly seperated but their love of political power is preventing them to tell Ghanaians.

Alhaji Bature came out sometime ago and said that, the Rawlingses marriage was on the rocks and their marriage was in name only. Victor Smith also came out and said Rawlings was not in cahoot with his wife's political ambition and was just going through the mojos, I believe all is not well in the Rawlings household the way the Sunyani Congress ended.

While Murderer Rawlings was trying to warm his way back to the graces of the NDC sycophantic supporters by raising the darling boy of the NDCians, Atta Mills, his wife stormed out of the Congress grounds, leaving Murderer Rawlings stranded. Folks, all is not well in the Rawlings household.

Source: Justice Sarpong

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