View Full Version : Yvonne Nelson and friends win jackpot for trip to the United States

12th July 2011, 06:50 AM
Some of Ghana’s top celebrities including have received a good kitty to grace a wedding program of one of Africa`s richest based in the United States, although none of the celebrities involved in this deal are ready to disclose and to give more details as to how they were chosen.

An informant made it known to us that the man visited Ghana early this year and met some of the Ghanaian celebrities. After interacting with them, he promised to fly them for his wedding in Ohio Columbus (U.S.A). Information is that some Ghanaian celebrities like Majid Michel and John Dumelo did not take the man serious till Prince David had to do a follow up.



The informant also added that each celebrity was promised $3000 with accommodation and their welfare throughout their stay in the United States. “They were promised $3000 each for attending the wedding” he revealed. When we asked him why Majid and John did not take the man serious, he stated that he can’t speak for John. In the case of Majid, he made it known that he can’t be involved in such activities.

As it stands now Yvonne Nelson, Prince David Osei, Kalsoume Sinare, amongst others, are the celebrities confirmed to be in the United States of America for the wedding. Charting with John Dumelo to know why he did not attend to the man, he stated that it came at a time that he had just came from U.S. When he was asked further about the money involved in the deal, he said he didn’t negotiate so he can’t give a specific amount they were paid for the wedding.