View Full Version : Positive Action; The Fierce Urgency Of Now!

11th July 2011, 03:43 PM
Since 1957 when Ghana attained her independence, the country has gone through the hands of many governments. Each government, be it civilian or military have introduced and implemented policies it deemed fit for Ghana.

From Nkrumah’s social policies to Busia’s Liberal policies, from Acheampong’s operation feed yourself to Liman’s IMF and World Bank Policies, from Rawlings’ Structural Adjustment Programmes (I & II) and Vision 2020 to Kufour’s HIPC initiative.

Throughout these regimes, Osagyeifo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s socialist policies and ideologies remain the most formidable proposition to Ghana’s political and economic milieu. Albeit, Ghana as a unit has chalked many successes especially in the area of good governance, sports and peace keeping operations, nevertheless the general feeling amongst the Ghanaian electorate and the masses are that all the regimes from 1966 to the present are the same. All these regimes have not been able to tackle the basic needs of our society - Food, Clothing and Shelter.

The reason d’être is the over dependence on donor support and foreign aid. The two political parties over the years have implemented similar economic policies prearranged by the IMF and the World Bank ostensibly to manage the economic situation of our country at the detriment of the people.

These conditions are directed toward promoting free markets, including privatization (the selling off of government enterprises); deregulation (leaving the prices of goods and services to the forces of demand and supply); and trade liberalization (opening local markets to foreign goods by removing barriers to exports and imports). Finally, the strategy also calls for shrinking the role of government, reducing taxes, and cutting down on public services.

These policies are basically an entrenchment of capitalism bent on maintaining the status quo; where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The basic yardstick for measuring the economic situation of a country in this system is to bundle economic figures, accompanied by ambiguous abracadabra called economic language which lives the masses more confused and frightened. Instead of concentrating on the people, they spend a lot of government money on abstracts- macro-economic indicators.

These phenomenon calls for a “POSITIVE ACTION”, what I call the FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW. Our prompt action today is very crucial to our country that we cannot afford to remain indifferent. This is not the time to allow these two political parties to continue to milk our beloved state with impunity.

This is not the time to stay conservative and allow the status quo to remain. It is a time to change the status quo; a real change that will affect the Ghanaian citizenry, especially young people. It is a time to fiercely confront the situation by democratically rejecting these two different but the same political parties in 2012. If we do not take action now, the comeuppance will be severe and unbearable. The land is so fertile for cultivation of a new crop and Ghanaian youth must take action now.

Today, there is tidal wave of ill public sentiments blowing across the length and breadth of this country. This tidal wave has frightened both the NDC and NPP such that, both parties have lost focus and resulted in bickering and petty squabbles.

This tidal wave is the cry for an alternative by the teething masses of the Ghanaian populace. Ghanaians are tired of unfulfilled promises; they are fed up with propaganda; they are overwhelmed by these micro-economic figures; they are flabbergasted by the double standards. They are yearning for a real CHANGE. The Convention People’s Party is the only apt and most glaring alternative for the Ghanaian populace.

The tale of greedy bastards, team ‘B’ and mediocre ministers as well the ‘footsoldiech’ tendencies of the NDC; the arrogant and intolerant ‘all die be the die’ utterances of the NPP flag bearer lives Ghanaians with no alternative but to return to the Convention People’s Party. The ugly noise emanating from these two political parties on our airwaves today leaves us with no choice but to listen to the logic of the crows of the red cockerel.

Albeit, the CPP has gone through a lot of difficult times from 1966 till date, our belief in the ideology of the great Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah has grown even bigger. Even when the party was disbanded in 1966 we were able to come together to win elections in 1979 with the PNP.

The most destructive coup de tat in the history of Ghana in 1981 could not disintegrate us. We have stood the test of time; we have survived the darkest spot of all political disorders. Our resilience and resoluteness in the face despair; our temerity in turbulence; our hope that one day the Convention People’s Party will rise again to save the people of Ghana from the shackles of poverty, misery, despair, and inferiority complex is the reason why I'm in this race. Not just to hold an office, but together with you to transform our party.

Fellow comrades, should I become the National Youth Organizer with your support, I will take a non-negotiable stance for a total transformation of the National Youth League. I want to win battle to create a Quasi Independent Youth League based on a mass movement of youth in the party. I want the gallant youth of our party to serve as wheel to run with our party. I want us to take up the unfinished business of perfecting our party, and building a better CPP ready for political power.

I invite you to join me in this improbable quest, if you feel the call of destiny, and share in my dream, and behold what I behold, a future of endless prospect before us; if you believe in the need for a change as I believe, that it is time to wake up from our slumber and shove off our fear. I'm ready to take up the cause, and march with you, and work with you. Together, starting from today, let us finish the works of our founding fathers who kept faith with the party.

Fellow comrades, we have come to a crucial point in our lives to remind the party of the FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW - the need to propel and situate our party in an electable position in the face of the Ghanaian.

We must show to the Ghanaian through our party structures, national executives, parliamentary candidates and standard bearer of the readiness to annex the political mantle of this country. Fortunately for our party, July 24, provides us an opportunity to decide who leads our party. Let us put our differences aside and make the right choice devoid of emotional attachments and sentiments for the benefit of the party. Fellow comrades, on July 24 when you go to the polls, remember to cast your vote to Comrade Murtala Mohammed for the National Youth Organizer of the Convention People’s Party for an efficient and effective leadership.

Fellow Ghanaians, on July 25, when you hear the voice of the **** crows, it will be MURTALA MOHAMMED calling for the youth of this country to rally behind the Convention People’s Party for victory 2012.