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11th July 2011, 12:13 AM
Segbene Xenodzi, the man who prophesied that God had ordained former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings to win the flagbearer mandate of the ruling National Democratic Congress in Sunyani and put his life on the line should the prophecy fail, insists Nana Konadu won in spite of the heavy trashing she was handed by President John Mills.

Prophet Segbene Xenodzi actually swore to kill himself if Nana Konadu lost the race to lead the NDC at the party’s national delegates’ congress in Sunyani.

The election, as declared by the Electoral Commission, saw President John Evans Atta Mills winning by a landslide. The president polled a massive 2,771 votes, representing 96.9 per cent of a total of 2,861 valid votes cast as against 90 votes or 3.1 per cent for Konadu.


But Prophet Xenodzi maintains that the outcome was a stolen verdict.

“She has won wonderfully but the NDC is so intelligent, NDC is a great party, you understand, so they have a way of uniting themselves, OK. So after she has won, they met and then turned the whole thing and put a different result out,” he told Joy News.

God cannot lie

Former President Jerry Rawlings 'declares' President Mills winner of the race as Nana Konadu, (with bag) storms out of congress.

Prophet Xenodzi had, in his


pre-congress prophecy, even added that Mrs. Rawlings was to proceed from the party victory to win the presiedncy of Ghana after the 2012 elections.

Asked if he really intends killing himself as per his vow, Prophet Xenodzi rather gave a good laugh, tried to explain himself and maintained “I am telling you Nana Konadu has won. The truth of the result itself would be declared [later].”

Per congress arrangements the vanquished in the race was to address delegates and pat the winner, however Nana Konadu was already on her way out of the Sunyani Coronation Park immediately the results were declared and as her husband and key supporter, former President Jerry Rawlings momentarily lifted President Mills' arm in victory.

With the concession speech not forthcoming, President Mills went ahead to deliver his victory speech, an act Prophet Xenodzi smartly pointed out: “Did they say the winner would be the one to speak first or the loser would be the one to speak first? ...God

11th July 2011, 12:22 AM
Yup, but man does :p

26th July 2011, 06:14 PM

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All the revelations God gave me since the year 2007 came to pass. None has failed before. Go to my website: http://www.segbene.com, you will understand. I have been prophesying Presidents Obama and Mills’ Two Terms of Service as President for a long Time even before they became Presidents. I sent them both letter and about the prophecy, But what you don’t know is that, there is a Big problem, our Nation is invaded by a curse, and the God of Israel has been giving me directives to give to the President to prevent it but ever since he visited TB JOSHUA, he welcomed fully the curse which is destroying our nation. Read the following article to the last end and you will understand. TB JOSHUA is from the Beast using the spirit of a frog Prophesied of in the Book of Revelation. Watch out. the Mark of the Beast 666 or Ghanata has spread in the country through the current government. I spot it on most people’s faces. Be warned and sin no more. Mills has lost the 2012 elections. No more rooms for Rigging in the 2012 Elections. READ THE FULL ARTICLE NOW: ATTENTION NEWS EDITOR: 666, THE BEAST, HAS INVADED OUR COUNTRY Segbene Xenodzi, servant of the God of Israel, calls on all to REPENT now for our Land, Ghana is invaded. Know that it is written that the Devil has translated itself into an angel of Light to Deceive the whole world. Watchout!!! Only them to whom it is given will ever Understand to the rest it is veiled for them not to understand. 2012 ELECTIONS WILL BE THE BATTLE OF ALL BATTLES IN GHANA The Beast-666(Ghanata) that rises from the Sea invades our land and Working through the Mills Government, we’ll Kick it out in the 2012 Elections, because the God of Israel will be in Battle. Many have already received the mark of the beast. It will be the God of Israel vrs the Beast, since Ghana is now ‘NEW ISRAEL’. Tell TB Joshua to Prepare for the God of Israel’s Battle. Now i will tell you the mystery of the beast of Revelation chapter 13 in the Holy Bible by first of all explaining the what happens in the 2012 Elections of Ghana our nation. Infact, in the just ended NDC congress in Sunyani, I must say that what actually happened has been expounded to me. According to Angel Gabriel, the beast of Revelation chapter 13 who have brought a great curse upon our Nation Ghana together with some members of Government have succeeded in masterminding the election results. However, Judgment has now been given and according to the judgment, NDC will lose the 2012 elections. The 2012 elections will be a battle between the God of Israel and the Beast of Revelation chapter 13 who had produced a frog Spirit with which TB Joshua performs all sorts of Miracles in the name of Christ, possessing the Mills’ government.(See Revelation chapter 16:13-14) I call on the whole world to come and see the glory of God in Ghana’s 2012 Elections. The time has come for the world to see the truth that the Devil has hidden. Our Presidency has been possessed. In fact you all know that I have been prophesying President Mills’ Two term of service, but when the beast that have invaded our country through the Presidency, there was need to reveal it to the world. The God of Israel has been good to President Mills by providing several prayer paths for the presidency to help make their spirit strong to withstand the spirit of the Beast but they never minded and followed The Nigerian Prophet who Angel Gabriel has revealed is an Agent of the Beast working in the name of Christ. I must say that as we get close to the end of the first siege, many false prophets have arisen working heat miracles and signs and wonders. But the true and chosen will never follow them because their portion is the Lamb of God, the God of Israel. To those who think I am joking, first of all I did not kill myself because, the election was rigged giving the 90 Million alleged campaign amount to Her Excellency Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings just to ridicule the rawlingses. Let me saw that the rigging that was done cannot easily be seen with the naked eyes of Humans but I saw it. The Original Ballot papers were hidden under the stairs or seats of the Coronation Park but it was concealed, in which the Former First Lady had 1716 Votes representing 59.98% and the President Had 1145 Votes representing 40.02%. However, like I said, judgment has been given and my countrymen and women will see the result of the judgment from the Supreme Court in the 2012 Elections. I must also say that the Angel of the European Union withheld the angel Gabriel who was sent to bring me the Info or revelation about the rigging, that’s why i did not finally prophesied about the rigging, but now that the God of Israel has won the battle against the Beast, behold i have told you the truth, those who are born to understand will understand, to the rest they will never understand until after the Run Off in the 2012 elections then they will understand even still not all because they are not of the truth. I must say that the Heart and Soul of the NDC Party has been stolen but i was born to seek it and bring it back, meaning NDC WILL GO TO opposition before it’s heart and soul will be found because we will kill the Beast assigned as a curse to our nation Ghana in the 2012 elections. Therefore with the revelation of the God of Israel I declare Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo the Next President of Ghana year 2013. Thus says the God of Israel. There is more to say but I must say that after this past Sunyani Congress, I have been receiving a lot of threats, and some people have also been plotted to scandalize me but the people of Ghana and the whole world are my witnesses today. Some ceasing to NDC GOLD MEMBERSHIP CARD, for their selfish gains and when exposed they lie. In fact the mark of the Beast 666 is fast spreading and all greedy people who refuse to follow the truth are fast getting it. They must repent or else there will be disaster. I see some persons assigned to beat and molest me seriously but all this was written of me that the words fo God may be fulfilled and it was fulfilled on our Lord, the Messiah in ancient times. But truly speaking 2012 elections will e the battle of All Battles. Now I will like to give you a gist about the mystery of the sieges. The first siege lasts 2730 years from the year BC 718 to year 2012 AD and the second siege will last for 280 years from year 2013 to year 2292.Then we will have the millennium any moment from that time, actual day and hour to known for it is concealed with the Father. I know some may be asking why the God of Israel is taking much about Ghana in recent times? Yes, I want you to know that in the realms of the spirit Ghana is the Greatest Nation on Earth. The Lord said it should be called “NEW ISRAEL” And its regions should become TWELVE (12), then the Lord himself will reign transforming the nation like a paradise before the end of the second siege which lasts 280 years from year 2013. Truely according to the God of Israel, the Land of Israel in the Middle East is “ISRAEL” and Ghana in West Africa is “JUDAH” before Him. For the Two witnesses of Revelation Chapter will come from the two nations, one from Ghana (JUDAH OR NEW ISRAEL) and ISRAEL in the Middle East,Asia. In fact I will tell you one more fact, the God Of Israel says he chose this land,Ghana because it was the clay of this land that He used to create Adam and Eve, the first Humans ever created. And the Root of the Tree of Life is veiled on the Land of Ghana. More great discoveries will be made soon in Ghana. I will tell you more later. To know more about the sieges visit: http: //www.segbene.com/siegeshumanity.html Let us delve a little into the mystery of the sieges: Prophet Segbene – God’s servant, in the year 2007, had a vision in which he was given perhaps the most important revelation for The Modern Man- a message which will change the course of history! Biblically, the year 2012 is the end of the first siege that the God of Israel laid against humanity.* God asked Ezekiel to bear the iniquity of Israel by lying on his left side for 390 days. He then said He had appointed each day for a year, which means in the performance of His word it will take 390 years. See Numbers 14 v 34 for calculations. Earlier on after the children of Israel came out of Egypt, He warned them and promised four times to punish and chastise them seven times for their sins if they did not live by his statutes and His commandments. Ref. Leviticus 26 v 15 -28. And it came to pass that the children of Israel did not obey Him so ‘The Siege’ which was laid against them. This took effect shortly after the reign of King Rehoboam and Jeroboam. Now consider the following: With reference to God’s promise in Numbers 14 v 34, this first siege of 390 years will extend seven times hence 2730 years ref. Ezekiel chapter 4. In my visions the Lord taught that it was after a century (one hundred years), that He sent a prophet called Ezekiel into the Israel to use him as a tool to seal the siege to perfection. Now consider the following: Since we understand that the first siege is to last 2730 years, when did it commence and when is it ending? In my vision, as a servant of the God of Israel, the Lord inscribed by hand, the date 718 BC as the start of the siege. He also revealed the understanding of the writings in the sky, and here I will pass on the revelation: To understand the figure 718 BC, we must go back to the time when God’s judgment fell upon Israel. In the book of 2 Kings 17v 5, we see that it was after three years that the King of Assyria totally carried away Israel into captivity. The King of Assyria besieged the kingdom of Israel in the year 721 BC and carried them totally into captivity in the year 718 BC. Having understood clearly that ‘The Siege’, as revealed by the God of Israel, started in the year 718 BC, it is now easy to know when it ends. The total number of years for the first siege is 2730 years, therefore to know the year in which it end we must subtract 718 years from the duration of the first siege. Mathematically we have; 2730 years – 718 years = 2012 ILLUSTRATION OF FIRST SIEGE I have said the siege is laid against humanity because, the God of Israel had driven the children if Israel into all the countries of the north, south, east and west. And so that the siege that has been laid has encompassed all the lands where the children of Israel had been driven. That every nation on earth has the seed of Israel in her, out of suffering and the search for truth, a common humanity will emerge. This was the reason why the Lord Jesus preached a universal brotherhood of Love – that all men are to love one another. Matthew 18:11 “For the son of Man is come to save that which is lost”. John 4:20-222 “Salvation is of the Jews”. John 6: 44-45 “No man can come to me, except the Father which has sent me draws him: and I will raise him the last day. It is written in the Prophets, ‘And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard and hath learned of the father, cometh unto me.” Now lets look at John 6: 65-66 “And He said, therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me except it were given to him of my Father. From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.” John 11:51-52 “And he spake not of himself: but being high priest that year, he prophecies that Jesus should die for that nation: And not for that nation only, but that also he should gather in one the children of God that were scattered abroad.” Jesus came to gather the wheat from the tares. Matthew 13:24-30. Luke 3:17 Luke 11:17-18, “Mark 3:23 “And if a kingdom be divided against itself it cannot stand” We all need to be united with love as we understand that we are one people with a common destiny now. Haven understood that all humanity is besieged; we need to come to a conscious awareness awaking to build a better world. Thanks. Segbene, servant of the God of Israel.

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
26th July 2011, 07:42 PM
So what if Mills and Obama lose will that be the end of the world as we know it ? So Konadu and Jerry John arethe "saviors" right ?

I heard you swore to "kill yourself " if Konadu lost. Dead men don't type do they ? the clock is till ticking tick tock tick tock..

I just learnt there is a school in Ghana called Ghanata wow ! so thats where the beast went to school huh ?